Monday, April 25, 2011

Where do we draw the line? I'm thinking rain boots are a good place to start

This nasty girl had no problem throwing her dirty, rubber boots onto the seat. Why? Because she's more important than you apparently.

- Submitted by Holly


Anonymous said...

i think its fine to put feet on the seat when there arent many people on the train. As long as theirs no dog shit on the bottom then whats the big deal, you obviously aren't going to be sitting there.

Donna said...

Oh my! Seriously? That grammatical error alone makes me have no respect for your opinion. No, YOU may not be sitting THERE, however someone else eventually will be parking their ass on that dirty seat!! Would you want that person putting their rain boots on your couch???? I think not.

C.J. Smith said...

Dude, can I come over to your house and walk all over your mattress in my boots?

Dirt is dirt. There's no such thing as "clean" shoes if you've walked outside. Get bent.

Anonymous said...

She just may have had dog doo doo on her boots BTW. One can always put newspaper or your own bag on the seat and then rest your weary feet on your own property. (She had plenty of property to do this with.

Anonymous said...

aw fuck off, you first worlder's have no idea. she's walking on pavement. 85 % of the GTA is pavement. No dirt. Grow the fuck up.

C.J. Smith said...

Hey Jackass
Tell you what, I'd like to see you eat your lunch off the ground, right at Bay and Front Street.

There's no such thing as clean pavement.

As for your "grow up" remark, what does that mean? Is there something immature about courtesy?