Monday, April 25, 2011

Here's your chance to do the dance we call the "slurp"

Sure! We thought we had it bad this morning on the 753 LSE with Mrs Yappity Yap, who for the record, ignored all of us who verbally and through body language and other actions, told her she annoyed us. She's more important than us! Don't you get it!?

But poor Brenda on the LSW had to deal with Mr. Slurp:

I am on the LSW 733 @Clarkson. Train is full. I'm sitting across from a guy with one of those round, cone-shaped, Tim Horton carry mugs from a thousand years ago. The ones that hold a keg of coffee. If I take/find a pic, I'll send it. He's on his phone. He is slurping from the mug while he talks. "Did you call Bob to tell him it's the 3:30 I want moved?" ... SLURP ... "Can you ... SLURP ... call his wife and see if she can ... SLURP... reach him?" ... SLURP.

Then... THEN! He licks the rim of his coffee mug after every slurp like there's a massive leak he has to dam with his tongue. So it's SLURP, LICK and TWIST. I'm staring right at him with an incredulous look. I think he thinks I'm flirting with him as the licks are getting a little longer!!!

There's nothing hot about this guy. If I told you he could be a grade 10 science teacher, you wouldn't be shocked. What do you suggest I say? I want something clever!
Unfortunately, I didn't get Brenda's text in time to give an on-the-spot reply. Dammit!


Grade 10 Science Teacher said...

But I am hot.

Fred said...

Yo momma's opinion don't count.

Ali said...

In defense of science teachers, I say: "HEY!"

TomW said...

My Grade 10 science teacher set fire to the ceiling :-)

Brenda B. said...

That hot, huh? Nice one, Tom.

No offense to attractive science teachers was intended.

Donna said...

My geeky grade 10 science teacher set the place on fire once too.
Next time tell the guy that if he wants to be a porn star with all that sucking and slurping that the Go Train is not the place to practice.