Thursday, January 23, 2014

And just in time to soften the blow before our fares increase on February 1, Metrolinx releases this gem...

GO train makeover will offer a plusher, greener commute

Published: Today at 4:26 PM
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GO is preparing to cushion its commuters with some added comfort by redesigning its coach and bus interiors starting later this year.

The most noticeable difference will be the colour. The traditional blue hues of GO interiors — there are varying versions across the system — will be phased out in favour of the new corporate colour, a mossy shade of green.

The regional transit company is also introducing new ergonomically designed seats with more foam to “better cradle a rider.”

Some GO riders are on transit for up to two hours, said Anne Marie Aikins, a spokesperson for Metrolinx, the provincial agency that operates GO.


Just stop right there, Anne Marie. You had me at "more foam" ... 

What is this? I think... I think I'm crying. It's like a song, a sweet song. Cradle a rider by Metrolinx.

A couple more glasses of this Lindman Bin 85 and I might even manage to write the lyrics.


Anonymous said...

Please? Please write the lyrics?!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't GO be focusing on expanding rail lines to accommodate for CN RAIL and GO Rail traffic and fixing the signals? The inconsistent rail service on ever other line except for LSE & LSW is such an inconvenience!

Anonymous said...

you think? Richmond Hill trains are ridiculous...5:30pm and then 6:45pm, and the last one at 7:40pm. seriously? why can't you have a 6pm train as well?
I leave work at 5, but i've had times where i had to stay around for that extra 5-10min to finish last minute things, i would then have to mad dash down to union to catch my ride, or just stick around the office for another hour and catch the 6:45pm.
instead of upgrading the seating...please add more trains.... and stop having a whole train full of riders wait 10min for an empty train to pass by...

Frank E. Futor said...

Well, Anne Marie Aikins, I wish I were "on transit for up to two hours" instead of three. And I'm holding you to your promise of "a hushed, peaceful atmosphere on GO vehicles", especially those 75-80 dB double-decker buses.

This interior makeover was news last September. Are we really expected to believe "there’s no cost to the makeover"? All refurbishments come at a cost. Proof yet again that when Metrolinx speaks, The Toronto Star parrots. C'mon, how about some real journalism?

Bicky said...

I had a seat one day that was so plush with foam, my feet couldn't touch the floor! I'm 5'3" and short legged. I wonder if the green will show more or less dirt. Concrete improvements such as more trains and reliable signals is preferred over cosmetic fixes. Grrr.

Bicky said...

Just read the full article at The Star's website. There was a picture of the new interior. Not sure I like it. But this caught my eye: "While there’s no cost to the makeover, it will be 18 years before the entire fleet gets the new look."

18 YEARS! Crikey.... and I'm not betting on the "no cost" thing. Hogwash.

Michael Suddard said...

So how will Metrolinx screw this up?

I'll pop the popcorn this time, I believe CJ popped it for the Presto Card.

Any bets on what the next Metrolinx fiasco is?

Subways, LRT or something else?

C.J. Smith said...

I'm aiming to retire at 55. I'm 40 this June.

C.J. Smith said...

Re: Lyrics

When I went to bed, my mind was afire!

TomW said...

Damn. Damndamndamn.
"ergonomically designed seats" invariably means "curved like an 'S' to fit the spine of the average peson".

That means for those of us non-average height, we have a seat that curves in precisely the wrong place - and hence digs in painfully. (I'm 6'0, for the record).

More generally, seated people only stay in one position for ~20 minutes. After that, they shift. "Ergonomically" curved seats are only comfy in one position - which means if your ride is over 20 minutes (like many GO bus riders), you won't be comfortable.

Consider: airline seats are designed to be comfy for hours of sitting. They are never curved like an 'S'.

Like I said: Damn.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if the seats are blue or green?

Anonymous said...

^ People who give a shit about branding and nothing more.

TomW said...


Those headrests will dig into my shoudler baldes (unless I slump in my seat, giving me back pains). "Damn" (actual swearign much stronger)

Existing headrests are fine. These will make things worse.