Monday, January 6, 2014

Oh look! Emails about a cancelled train ... only four and a half hours late!

Fire the hamster. Or buy a new wheel!


Peter said...

From CSR ^MD on 2013/09/08:
"We recognize that consistent communication is essential to keeping passengers informed and we will be introducing a system that automatically notifies us of all bus delays in real time. The system is expected to be in place by January 2014 and we trust that you will see an improvement in the consistency of alerts being sent out. In the meantime, we will continue to work with our Operations team to ensure all delays are reported."

Oh, now I understand. ALL delays are reported, but not necessarily cancellations.

Doh! Colour me embarrassed (and late). ;-)

Anonymous said...

GO are all anxious to warn us commuters the day before about 'possible delays' due to the upcoming bad weather, but GO can't get notifications efficiently and effectively or decide if they're cancelling trains or not.

GO have missed the mark A LOT lately.

Subliminal said...

Mine arrived on time.
I think its a result of your choice of an email to receive them at and the path they take to get to you.
I've had issues with both Yahoo emails and connecting with GO Transit website through Rogers at times.
That being said it could be GO's provider choice for their hosting and email serving but I think the info going through from them to us is the source of the different results we all experience, good or bad.

Try another email provider to see if it works better for you.

The hamster and the wheel have nothing to do with it and he is just as confused all his running around gets him no where.

Peter said...

I don't use Yahoo for e-mail and the the receipt of alerts for Route 12 is very spotty and their content is nonsensical by times. I'm casting a suspicious eye toward the GTCC, aka Operations.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it's the provided as I've tried 3-4 with the same results.

BTW - 03Jan2014 at 3:21am EST
I received a GO Train Service Guarantee update for my claim, that was submitted December 16.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Subliminal, I always receive the Rogers/Yahoo emails late. I have never received late notices at work or on my text.

Anonymous said...

Here is a shocker.... "GO Transit struggles through this year’s ice and snow

GO Transit has had a good run the past couple of winters. But its new president admits the past five or six weeks have proved challenging to the regional transit service."

Anonymous said...

just for you...

C.J. Smith said...

Also, no offnse to those who have, but suggesting GO customers use another email provider other than Rogers isn't acceptable to me.
I do have my work account now set up to also receive email alerts under a different subscriber account with GO. My work email isn't facilitated through any Rogers network and I will continue to monitor this means of communication.

Peter said...

Just like GO Transit telling us we have to use a big-name wireless telco in order to receive their SMS alerts. Totally unacceptable.