Monday, January 13, 2014

Just so we're clear


C.J. Smith said...

Lee sent in this email to me.
It's worth noting what she had to say about my #1 fan, Vito:

I'm amazed at the behaviour of some people. They use social media to showcase their bad, wacky and bizarre behaviour. Their 10 friends who follow them give them a virtual high five for their asinine antics. Then, one person floats on by who is the voice of reason and then, the person launches into threats.

When will people get that a profile page on a site that can be accessed by millions of people ain't all that private after all? People are losing jobs because of crap they post online. Geez Louise!

George said...

Which is exactly why all my social media pages are as private as the settings allowed. Plus I never use my real name anywhere, even on my FB page.

My kids do the same. Only people they know are allowed to see any of their information.

Bicky said...

Sorry is the best game. I rarely win but it's still fun to play.