Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mini Metro

from: AllanVS
to: "C.J. Smith"
date: Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 5:55 PM
subject: Blog for ya

Since I know you're busy, and I found the "Mini Metro" game, I thought I'd help you out and write a brief blog so you can (if you wish) copy/paste this to TCT.
This is "Mini Metro" by Dinosaur Polo Club Games out of New Zealand. They are a team of brothers.
This game is simplistic in nature, but addictive and fun.  You start off with 3 metro stations.  YOUR job, as Commissionaire is to run the best subway system possible! 
Through out the game, you get "upgrades" from 1 extra rail car, to 2 extra tunnels, a Platform Upgrade (each station can hold +3 people), Interchange (larger capacity in one station) or Rail Car Speed boost (each car moves a bit faster.) These are dolled out at "Passenger Milestones".
BUT be careful!  If your stations overcrowd the game ends.  The furthest I was able to get was 1,225 happy passengers.

Game can be found:



Michael Suddard said...

The land mass looks familiar. Perhaps if you construct the transit system to look like this, you might get higher than 1,000 trips :)

MATT said...

Addictive. Took me 5 tries of failing at about 40 passengers to figure out how to expand the lines. Got up to 461.

Anonymous said...

The annoying part, is how unclean the pop ups of stations are ... seriously ... look at most maps and they are fairly straight lines, or well places 'circles' ... meh. I'm still addicted, and pre-ordered the game. :D