Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Proof you can't stop crazy, even in the Quiet Zone. Introducing "Sibling loopholes"

from: kk
date: Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 4:29 PM
subject: Quiet Zone is for Sissies

Hi CJ,

You must get emails like this every day (Let me just stop this email right here... OH MY GOD. I get emails about the Quiet Zone that are not of this planet and usually always about food such as "this guy brought McDonalds into the QZ and proceeded to noisily eat his French Fries and drink his drink" - OH THE HUMANITY!) but I thought I'd share a quiet zone loophole I learned Friday.

I was on the 5:10 Lakeshore East, sitting in the Quiet Zone. The woman behind me was talking in a lowered voice - not low, just down anotch but she talked constantly to her companion from Union to Main. I turned a couple of times to glance back at her. I thought this was asemi-subtle, non-confrontational way to remind her of where she was sitting. Y'know - in the Quiet Zone. After my second look back, she turned to me and hissed,"Yyeesss?" 

I said,"This is the quiet zone." 

"I'm talking to my sister!"

I pointed to the sign and repeatecalmly, "You're in the quiet zone. And you're talking."

She repeats that she's "talking to my sister!" and "You don't need to turn around five times to look at me!"

couple equaltwo, not five. Whatevs.

So as it turns out, the quiet zone doesn't apply to you when you're chatting with your sibling. guess she was also exempt from using good manners.


Bicky said...

*Good to know! Now Dakota and I can sit upstairs!*

Yes, that was sarcasm. No, we don't sit in the QZ to talk on the ride home.

Al said...

Its the quiet zone, Not the silent zone. Even down a notch is good.
Isnt KK being a little anal?

Todd said...

No, down a notch is not good. The QZ signs clearly say brief conversations are ok, not drawn out discussions for the whole ride.

Anonymous said...

Al, no she's not. Short, quite conversations are considered acceptable. A conversation from Union to Main is not short.

Squiggles said...

Yes, it is the Quiet Zone, not the silent zone, but if you want to chat (down a notch or not), it is respectful of others to do so NOT in the Quiet Zone. Had it been a short convo, I am certain the email writer would not have reacted as such, I know I wouldn't have.

Anyhoodles, one thing I noticed is that the 18.18 LSE has an announcement every night I have taken it reminding people about the Quiet Zone. I haven't noticed this on the 17.10.

Anonymous said...

Can someone confirm if this applies to brothers as well, or just sisters.

Vic. said...

Al...the policy states that short quiet conversations are okay. Somewhat quiet long conversations are not. I don't think KK was being anal at all. If the conversation that was going on was disruptive to her, if it wasn't within the policy then she had every right to speak up. I wish I had the balls to do it, but I don't. So, good for KK!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo everyone can talk! We're all siblings thru Jesus Christ! Amen!

Kelly@CrueltyFreeCanada said...

ha ha ha AllanVS good one.