Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Poor footriders, it's so hard to be a squirrel with a nut


George said...

Well I guess that it's fine for my dog to crap on his front steps. After all I'm never going to walk there.

Hopefully the next person to walk there is a self-centered egotistical douche.

Mark H said...

I love this generation's go to witty response when faced with an attack on their specialness is a dull boring insult.

Honestly, for a set up that should make us smarter, the internet is just producing dumber kids.

Similar to this, I like to spend an hour or so a night unwinding with an online game, usually soccer or something to that effect. So when I get a little bit of a lead and some poor sport quits on me wasting my time and I let him know that his actions aren't really courteous, of course the response is to call me some lame derogatory name.

It's just so boring.

I highly doubt there were any tears in your cornflakes over that one CJ.

C.J. Smith said...

No, no tears. Go take a look at the photos on my Instagram to read what another footriding fan had to say to me

Mark said...

Heh... If you're going to insult somebody at least spell check

C.J. Smith said...

I know, right? Eye roll. But look at how brave that playa be. He made his account private after insulting me. Coward. I know he's been to the site. I hope he reads this and understands how the real world works. Can't hide behind privacy settings in "real" life. His generation is so lost. There are a few who aren't but most lead me to believe their strong sense of entitlement will be their downfall. That and their extremely poor grasp of basic grammar and spelling.