Monday, April 14, 2014

NDP commits to GO service to Niagara. It's easy to promise, not so easy to deliver

Not only does NDP Leader Andrea Horwath support regular GO commuter rail service in Niagara, it’s a key part of her transit platform.
“Absolutely, unequivocally yes, we support all-day GO service to Niagara,” Horwath said during a visit to Niagara Friday.
“We know how important it is. We have been listening to the municipal leaders across the region talk about this as a big priority. This is absolutely something that we support.”
Horwath would not say how the NDP would pay for the initiative, adding those details would have to wait until the next election campaign.
“We have actually a significant plan when it comes to transit infrastructure investment, not only for the Niagara region, but for other communities as well.
“We will be unveiling the full details of that, including funding, when, and if, we’re into an election campaign.”


Anonymous said...

If the ridership isn`t there then forget it.

Also, the private bus companies will be screaming blue murder since it will interfere in their `turf`.

Dont forget the fares too. Safeway Tours charges $7 each way from various destinations in the GTA to Fallsview casino as long as you have a PAC card (even if dont intend on gambling).

Mark said...

This is a chicken and egg argument. There are growing communities along the Niagara corridor that currently have 'affordable' housing vs. the GTA that would become a viable option for people who aren't interested in paying half a million dollars for a basic place to live. However without train service the logistics of living there and working in the GTA just don't work.

Promising all day to Niagara Falls is just vote pandering. You can't possibly justify the cost. However, services to St. Catherines could be an interesting proposal that could spur some growth in that region.

George said...

That's all Howarth ever does is pander to get elected.

All day 15 minutes service across the GO system? A pipe dream by the left wing noodle heads.

NF might be a go for service, but certainly not all day every day. GO just doesn't have enough equipment to handle that. A new layover terminal would have to be built and staffed. The cost would be outrageous but when has that ever stopped the spendthrift New Dummy Party?

Horwath is a liar, plain and simple, promising the moon thinking nobody will question her.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I hate it when Canadians get all Americanized with "Left wing this; Right wing that", but I have to agree with the jist of the comment that NDP's pipe dream on all day train service to NF is pandering. I can see some improved service (train) to St. Catharines (2-3 trains morning and evening rush, similar to Hamilton Go but less trains and bus the rest of the day on the hour). There is ridership that could support that, but never all day to NF and certainly not every 15 minutes even across the LSW line. Ridonculous.

TT said...

All day service doesn't mean hourly. A morning and an evening train would qualify as all-day. And she said she supports it, not that it's a priority or it would be in place next year. I love how partisan people like to make up stuff so they can bash a party they don't like (and clearly don't understand).

George said...

TT what you are describing is rush hour service.

All day means exactly that...a train running a regular schedule all day and in the evening as in the LSE and LSW. Rush hour is like the Barrie line, trains in the morning and trains in the evening only. Nothing at all any other time.

Who is making stuff up anyway?

TT said...

If she meant hourly service she would have said hourly service. She's being intentionally vague because until the matter is studied it's impossible to say what the appropriate level of service would be.

George said...


Regular riders know te difference between all day and rush hour only. She was very specific about the service level.

Try telling any Barrie rider that they have all day service.