Friday, May 30, 2014

Don't you hate it when you run on empty and wind up in an awkward situation?

Warren Downe took these pics at Pickering. His observation:

The scene: 10:40 AM Sunday morning (March 30/14) at Pickering station.  I wondered why this empty cruiser was parked where it was.

There was almost no one inside the station.  No disturbance.  No emergency.  No officer.  After ten minutes in the station foyer, I headed to the train platform, where it was just as quiet and no officer in sight.

There were two other cruisers, but they had been parked in the usual spaces.

The only logical explanation is that is the exact spot where the cruiser run out of gas.

Don't you hate it when that happens? ... So awkward.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean metaphorically ran out of gas? Like the officer's brain was running on empty?

A few weeks ago at work as my bread was toasting, I was looking down at the street outside just south of University and Adelaide. A cop decided to park his cruiser on University Ave just feet away from Pearl St., which is quite wide and lightly used.

In other words, he decided to block a lane of traffic at 9am instead of turning the corner and parking it on a near empty street.

Furthermore, he was directly parked in front of the hydrant.

Then he casually got out of his cruiser to go to the Rogers store and walked right in the path of a woman walking on the sidewalk causing her to stop momentarily.

So he was basically disrespectful on the road and the sidewalk.

I don't know if these enforcement jobs cultivate this kind of behaviour of over-the-top authority or they just attract those kind of people.

C.J. Smith said...

Okay, hang on - put down that big black brush. I worked security at a large Toronto area shopping centre and I was very proud of the team I worked with and to have had what was a wonderful job when I was in college. As a teenager, I wanted to be a police officer. Assisting and being a role model in the community was a big deal for me and I was a huge advocate for community policing - still am.
Not once when I roamed the halls of that shopping centre did I ever think I was better than anyone else or did I develop an ego where I could force it on others.
There are bad cops and bad security officers but there also really great ones.

Anonymous said...

One day I saw a Parking Enforcement vehicle parked in a handicapped spot while issuing tickets.....


Anonymous said...

Here's the thing: GO Transit owns the parking lots and decides where people can and cannot park. Enforcement should be parked in the open in obvious places - it promotes safety, deterrence and encourages proper fare practices.

Anonymous said...

Actually anon 12:26, they are still not permitted to park in designated emergency routes unless they are attending to....wait for EMERGENCY.

Anonymous said...

It's an emergency response vehicle. PERIOD!

C.J. Smith said...

^ A tad touchy I see.