Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Put your luggage near the door. No one will steal it. BONUS! Sushi master

I can't use chopsticks despite having had lessons and group therapy.
It's always impressive to watch anyone use them - GO train or no GO train.


Squiggles said...

Gotta chainsaw this delight.

I do not approve of eating on the train, the crinkling packages or smells are just not appropriate. Maybe if you had the car to yourself?

But this jenius should be sitting by the three-seater if she needs to travel, with luggage, on a GO train during rush hour.

George said...

I'm always in danger of stabbing myself in the eye while trying (badly) to use chopsticks.

Give a spoon or a fork anytime. Less mess too.

That being said, what kind of self-entitled moron is this anyways?

Jules said...

I get that people with luggage really have no storage places on GO to put their luggage but it's not a VIA its a commuter train. I've had this happen several time where people give me attitude because they think their huge suitcases deserve a seat.

Bicky said...

If they're willing to buy their suitcase a ticket, then fine. But otherwise, no way, Jose! Pick a seat where there's a little more space.

Anonymous said...

I'll give credit to the people who asked the passenger with the bags to vacate the seats.

Anonymous said...

People don't NEED to eat on the GO Train or TTC.
It is always food that smells and is noisy.
Either eat before you set off or after you arrive at your destination.
The trip may be approximately an hour give your take.
You'll survive.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence, it's the entitled Generation Yers