Thursday, May 1, 2014

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Apr 29, 2014

Clairmont: Rowdy drunks on GO take everyone for a ride
Late-night GO trains are dubbed 'the vomit comets' because of the rowdy drunks who crowd onto them. 

By Susan Clairmont
Hamilton Spectator

The drunk girl from Burlington dropping F-bombs as she staggered down the aisle of the GO train was celebrating her birthday.

One of her pals, also hammered, was loudly listing sexual fetishes that might get him out of work in the morning. As in, "Sorry boss, I can't come into work today because I'm ..."

Another guy in the group dropped his phone and was so intoxicated, he couldn't coordinate himself to retrieve it.

All of which was uproariously funny to these wasted young people, but not at all so for my family and others on the jammed train from Toronto to Aldershot Sunday night.



deepfish said...

This has to be fake.
The reason I know?
This: "Spokesperson Malon Edwards confirms a bunch of rowdy passengers were asked to move to another coach of that train and another two men were removed because one was smoking. The smoker was fined, says Edwards."
Shyeah, right - buttsucker fined by GO.
Tell me another one.

Anonymous said...

Even I raised an eyebrow...

Squiggles said...

Yup. Smelt the pot smoke on the train and nothing ever came of it, after reporting.

LC said...

I am also wondering if this lady embellished a bit..

Also, "That delay brought the crew to its maximum daily on-duty hours, meaning they couldn't finish their route. So all the passengers — hundreds of us — had to get off and board a new train to get to the end of the line."--- Does GO transit not offer overtime??

Valentino Assenza said...

This honestly doesn't surprise me, I've seen it before. Bunch of drunk punk ass brats acting like they're all that only to arrive at stations like Oakville or Burlington and still have to ask "Mommy, Daddy, can you please pick me up from the GO train station?"

As there was a Jays game that night, that's pretty much a guarantee. Same with the morons that fill the Lakeshore West trains from Exhibition after a TFC game.

I remember coming into the city one day, I was sitting in the middle section of the car, and there were four kids sitting at the top drinking beer, and rolling joints, and they were loudly taking bets among themselves as to what inning of the Jays game they believed they would get kicked out of the Rogers Centre.

I am a sports fan too, but has something changed? Do we have to transform ourselves into complete morons, or utter idiots to enjoy a game now? When was this a prerequisite?

George said...

LC, GO does not operate the trains. Bombardier does under contract and there are strict limits on working on them. Nobody wants a tired or inattentive train driver.

Those are gov't limits too according to a book I can't remeber the name of. Rail Safety something I think. We had a PhD guy here who loved to quote from it even when it didn't support his point.

LC said...

George, that makes sense. I wouldn't want my/passenger safety to be compromised because of tired drivers.

I guess I am just surprised that a half hour delay would put the crew over their maximum on-duty hours. AND that they made the passengers transfer from one train to another because of this (wouldn't it have been easier to bring a new crew to the train?)...

George said...

LC, no crews are available at that time of night. They are probably on their last run and in all likelihood, the train was off to the layover for the night.

I found out that the limits are in place because not very many drivers get to work a straight shift, but split them instead. This crew probably was on their night split. Those limits are cast-iron solid too with the only exceptions for disasters, emergencies and the like.

I wasted an afternoon at work reading up on rail regulations. What a great day!

Anonymous said...

These people knew what they were doing is indeed behaving badly but chose to do it anyway.

I hope one day that Darwin will dispose of these hoodlums, drunks and other law breakers.

Unknown said...

Night trains are always annoying but pressing the yellow strip because some one is drunkenly cursing is not a smart choice, Susan. Unless you WANT to delay the train and inconvenience everyone on board.