Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 is going to be a very big year for Union Station." -- Osmington Inc. CEO Lawrence Zucker

As head of the company selected by the City of Toronto as the head lessee of Union Station's new retail landscape, Zucker guides us through the cultural transformation of the revitalizing station, which—as Canada's premier rail hub—is set to become "more than just a transit point, but a destination in its own right. We want it to become a place that reflects the spirit of Toronto, and a place for Torontonians to be proud of."



Bicky said...

I'll be long retired before it's done in its entirety. By my calculation, I still have 16 years to go!

Unknown said...

I am betting on it actually being done in 2020. Only because I finally clued in that Pickering is fully open and that only took 2 years past the scheduled completion date. Mind you, it is only the platform that is open, so who knows?

Ed said...

Too bad my father isn't around to look at Union Station. He worked there in his youth after getting mustered out of the army right after WW2 and into the early 50's as a Red Cap back when trains were the main method of long distance travel.

I can't wait until it's done and then the station will be comparable to any other rail hub in North America. The demolition is going well for the Bay Street GO Bathroom. The pile of old ugly tiles they got rid of was huge. They have found lots of old wires, conduits and cables that were left there after previous work and nobody wants to simply rip them out because who knows what might happen. The entire concourse is being disassembled very carefully.

And yes, I know some guys who are actually doing the demo work.