Friday, January 8, 2016

I'm going to hazard a guess, that judging by the shanty town set up next to the track, last night's fatality was a trespassing incident and not a suicide


Yolanda B Cool said...

I see those tents all the time. Why doesn't GO, CN and VIA do something about this???

Ed said...

Yolanda, it's because the city and the ten speed riding granola eaters will kick up a fuss about evicting homeless people from their shanty.

Nobody wants to be the victim of the army of SJWs that live in Toronto and have allies on the city council. That would be the perfect time for any half-witted city councilor to jump in and try and make a name for themselves. A few of them dying (and I hate that when it happens) isn't important enough to actually enforce laws in this screwed up city.

Call me cynical but I think to be a politician you need to have a lobotomy.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

True, the railroad areas are either private or government property.

But, that said, one has to realize the destitute are sort of---you know---"backed up against the wall", so to speak, in the general collective scheme of things.

So, the question is: Do we enforce the laws to the letter, or do we circumvent them a little out of some sort of vicarious compassion toward those in a "lesser" position?

blindwheels said...

Average wait times for subsidized housing in GTA, are 1-3yrs for a single male/bachelor apartment, if homeless status has been attained, 3-72 months.
Most shelters are over filled, very few shelter beds outside of Toronto downtown, next city with shelter beds is Hamilton.
For females it's even more difficult, especially if they have physical disabilities.

blindwheels said...
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