Monday, January 24, 2011

Mmmmmm, nothing like sausage on a train

Sent via email to by Sylvia O.

This young man sat down across from me this afternoon, undressed himself, shoved all his belongings under his seat, re-arranged his knapsack, pulled out a drink and a container, re-arranged his backpack again, found a fork, opened the container ...


It smelled like the hallowed out heel of the boot part of a hockey skate. One that has been worn for years and sweated in for just as long.

I pretty much coughed and gagged and this kid asked me if I was all right as he put a big scoop of smelly sausage and rice into his mouth.

I got off at Danforth as I couldn't take it anymore and waited almost an hour for the next train. In the cold! That's how bad it stunk.
Sylvia asked me to use the largest font size I possibly could for her "projection".


kary said...

Pretty extreme reaction. You couldn't just sit in another area of the train?

Anonymous said...

Because, Kary, the train was packed and I'd be out of a seat and I guess I reacted badly. I know I did because I froze my butt off!!!

Anonymous said...

i love a good sausage in my mouth. hurrr!

FRED said...