Monday, January 31, 2011

Who are you talking to at 7am? Why?

I took the 7am Oshawa-Union train this morning. This is the earliest I've ever taken the train and at that hour, you really can appreciate the desire for quiet or at the very least expect "church voice" from those who absolutely MUST CALL SOMEONE.

It's still dark! Dark = sleep. Dark does not = call up a friend and have a full-volume conversation about your weekend.

Are you jokers for real?

If my husband/sister/friend/lover/mom/dad/daughter/cousin/son/guy-who-owns-the-farm-down-the-road called me at 7am to chat me up about what I did Saturday night, I'd find a way to put my fist through the phone.

I wound up moving from where I was sitting - ALL NICE AND COMFORTABLE I MIGHT ADD - to upstairs, where I got to listen to another conversation a woman was having with her daughter about:
- respect
- rules
- no boys in her room when dad's not home
- how the washing machine works
- why foil in the microwave is bad
- why the dog can't be left in the garage to pee
- how many times she's been told to be home at a respectable hour (11 pm... Holy Moses, when I was a teenager, 9 pm was a respectable hour. These kids don't how good they have it)
- dishes don't belong under the living room couch
- why she "has to be that way"
- how it may be time to change high schools so she has better friends (ouch)
- and on, and on, and on ...



Anonymous said...

On a busy stouffville corridor train ride home with no where to move to I was subjected to listening to a woman explain to her husband why it was time for him to have a vaesectomy and all the benefits it would bring. It's amazing how these people can immerse themselves in a bubble.

Uncle said...

She most likely were actually talking to each other. Stupid is as Stupid does......?

TomW said...

Re: Anon... someone shoudl point that a vasectomy would let her hudband "make free with the ladies" without fear of "les consequences". Meanwhile, hoardes of the pill in her handbag would give the game away...

kary said...

I take the 7:15 from Oshawa. Lately a pair of idiots have been getting on in Ajax, and she just does not shut up. Really scintillating conversation about inportant stuff like CAKE DECORATING. Did you know that there are women who have their sealed ultrasound results sent to the cake-maker, then everyone at the shower finds out together, when the cake is cut and it's pink or blue? ISN"T THAT COOL? Not really. It's lame. And of course she can't speak in a low voice, she speaks extrordinarily fast and loud. She really needs to lay off the caffeine. The guy with her has no balls. He actually seems interested in what she has to say. I don't know where they came from, but I wish they'd go back. My 7:15 car was always so quiet. I tried to read this morning. Had to turn my ipod way up. I could cry.