Monday, February 4, 2013

Coming soon to a stop near you

*Note. It was pointed out that I omitted Georgie's last name. The story has been edited.

I just want to write a quick post to thank everyone for their support since Howard (Howie) Bigfird's untimely death.

The comments, emails and text messages were a HUGE comfort to me.

Howie's paralegal, Georgie Greyskull*, is looking to fill the role as legal counsel for me. The only problem, as my husband pointed out, is that Georgie isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer as you can see from the photo below.

We're both skeptical of his ability to be a lawyer cat. Howie had an uncanny ability to smell a fraud from a metre away. Georgie, on the other hand, would be the first person to shut this site down and hit the delete button on the first complaint.

Who wants a lawyer that licks the plastic wrapper holding toilet paper? Or slides down the stairs on his belly as it's faster than running to the food bowl at the sound of the food bag being opened?

Georgie, all 15 pounds of him, would be better suited as security. He's definitely built for it.

I've got some posts coming up, a new Presto chronicle that will be of interest to those who ride the GO bus to the station, another tale of the Oakville Smokers' Club and more photos of train nonsense.

Just bear with me as I sort it all out.


MATT said...

Hire him. His outside-the-box thinking will be a fresh take on fraudsters.

I have 3 cats. Two of whom are plastic-lickers. Toilet paper wrapper is a fav of both. One even seems to enjoy the plastic diaper genie wrapper. The only normal one is the 18lb beast who, while more closely resembling a raccoon than a cat, has nevertheless managed to occupy the 80lb dog’s “bed” (his corner where his blanket and toys are). The dog is okay with this, because he just forces his way onto the couch instead. And yes, my dog is afraid of cats, because we only had 1 for a long time and she is the only one with claws, and regularly kicks his ass, so he thinks all cats can take him in a one-on-one fight.

My house is a shit-show of animals. And shit. Both of the animal and baby variety.

Anonymous said...


Seems like a sharp fellow to me.

Anonymous said...

Smart enough to get his picture on the internet! Give Georgie a chance, he might surprise you.

I thought of you this weekend as we lost our second in 9 days. Hurts like a bitch. I hope Georgie is working hard to fill the hole in your heart.