Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I got him to move his feet but he wouldn't clean his mess

Last night on the 5:20pm LSE train:

Me: (sit down, look at his shoes on seat) - Excuse me, would you mind not doing that with your shoes?

Dude: What?

Me: Your feet belong on the floor, please.

Dude (takes his feet down, shakes his head): Ok. (Mumbles "whatever")

Me: Are you going to clean your dirt off the seat?

Dude: With what?

Me: Your tongue will work or you can go to the bathroom and get some wet paper towels?

Dude: The seat was like that when I sat down.

Me: (take out my phone and snap a photo)

He asked me why I took a picture of the seat. I said it was for GO's Etiquette and Courtesy Enforcement team so they could send an officer down to take his information so they could send him an invoice for the dry cleaning cost.

He got up and left.

He also called me "crazy". (Well I do have this blog...) I can't believe this is what society has come to.


Squiggles said...

Very fast thinking on your part. Too bad there isn't a real group by that name. Could you imagine the fines GO would be raking in?

C.J. Smith said...

I've used it before. I once called myself a volunteer officer of said group. Maybe I'll get some cards made up.

C.J. Smith said...

One day I'm going to round up a team of W5 reporters and we'll get out a black light and some of the Dexter-like spray stuff and highlight for the foot riders all the nastiness that is on their shoes that they spread onto the seats.
I guarantee it will be worse than a hotel room comforter.

DE said...

I was on the LSW on my way to the Leafs game from the Burlington stop on Saturday (Feb 2) and the GO Train CSR made an announcement to the train, reminding everyone that the weather was gross and to keep their gross feet off the seat cushions (I’m paraphrasing). He then proceeded to tell people that if they MUST put their feet up, to use a metric eff-tonne of paper (paraphrasing again) or flip up the bottom cushion because it’s just attached with Velcro.

Thus, from the mouths of a GOTransit CSR...

Jack C. said...

If possible, sit in the seat opposite, lean back, and rest your feet on the lap of the former foot rider. When he inevitably objects, look startled and confused. "Huh? what's the problem? Oh... you don't want the grime from my shoes on your clothes?"

Anonymous said...


I will give you credit for speaking up for doing the right thing when others won't.

I encourage everyone to do the same thing by reminding (or scolding) passengers who put feet on seats. If they want to argue, I'll be grabbing the fire extinguisher next.