Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guildwood Parking Donkeys

Parks crooked. Leaves lights on.

All that space and still, can't get it between the lines.  
- Submitted


MATT said...

Thanks for posting.

What I forgot to include, is that in the red car picture, you can clearly see the red car is firmly straddling the line, taking up two spots. What you can’t really see in the picture, is the black SUV (Escalade?) way at the back of the lot, also doing exactly the same thing.

Bicky said...

Hey, I saw those cars tonight on the way home. Donkeys...

MATT said...

The pic I sent yesterday of the donkey who left their lights on? When I got back to Guildwood at 6pm, the donkey was sitting in the driver’s seat, hood up, battery kaput.

*gives Karma a high five*

Anonymous said...

Hey, the first car was still technically in his spot! Did you know that apparently they don't take any points off for that on your driving test as long as you're still actually in your spot and in between the lines to some degree? So, well... ;)

Ahaha, his battery died, you say, MATT? If only he was driving standard! c:

MATT said...

Remember the picture I sent with the red car parking donkey? SHE DID IT AGAIN TODAY! I didn’t see her pull in, but I saw her get out of her car and turn to inspect her donkey job. Unreal. The funniest part, though, was the “Blip! Blip!” of her car alarm...on a Chevy Aveo!! I felt like yelling at her “lady, nobody’s going to steal your fucking Aveo!”