Thursday, February 21, 2013

Let's bury it on the front page, Jim! Make it unnoticeable. For God's sake, don't bold it or use red text

Despite being told that the 2012 Presto Transit Usage Reports would be fixed and posted online by Thursday, this isn't the case.
Many people are missing the message on the homepage of the prestocard website. This message should be on the transit report page.
Le sigh.


Squiggles said...

Maybe I am a little dense, but I couldn't find the notice anywhere on the site when I checked this morning. Mind you, this is the first year that I have had to locate this particular piece of... let's say.. information.

For me, the most logical place to have this information is under the Transit Usage Report page (located on the left hand menu). I did eventually find the notice under the Federal Tax Credit menu option.

In either place, it is not noticable enough to anyone.

C.J. Smith said...

Le sigh, right?!!!

AngelSil said...

I couldn't find the bloody notice this morning, either. Is it too much to ask for communication.





Yeah, this is Presto.

Harith said...

So much for me wanting to do my taxes this week.

AL said...

Just found the notice. My tax return is ready to go except for this bloody report and I was really hoping it would be available by Thursday as promised. The sad part is that I am not disappointed because I knew this was an empty promise from the get-go.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the only thing keeping me from getting my taxes done and over with.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard when they will be ready since they're now a week behind?

Anonymous said...

It's 7:30pm March 3rd.

I go to their website and get this:

System maintenance

"We're currently upgrading our website to serve you better. During this time, access to some functionality may be unavailable."

Shouldn't they be doing their maintenance at, oh I dunno, let's say, 2am?