Sunday, February 10, 2013

Good guy CSA

from: AC 
date: Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 10:27 AM
subject: C is for Customer Service, Compassion and Cookies

Hi CJ.

I know a lot of GO transit employees read your blog.  I am hoping that if you post this, the right person sees it.

My daughter and her girlfriend were on the 10:13 LSE Union to Oshawa on Saturday, February 9, 2013.  My daughter's girlfriend is a type I diabetic; she is insulin dependant and wears a pump.  Her blood sugar went dangerously low during the trip.  She normally carries juice boxes for this purposes but Saturday night she didn't have one.  She had some candy with her but it wasn't enough.  

The girls went to see the CSA to ask if there were any sugar tablets in the first aid kit but apparently GO transit doesn't stock the first aid kits with these.  

The CSA offered cookies out of his own dinner!  He didn't have to offer food from his own dinner and it was greatly appreciated.  Isabela's blood sugar had mostly stabilized by the time they reached Oshawa.  

It was a little thing, but a really nice thing.  

I don't know if he usually drives that train and the girls didn't get his name.  I did write to GO transit so hopefully they will pass along our thanks. 

See haters.  Not all GO stories are bad!


Bicky said...

It's nice to read the compliments and not just the complaints. :o)

Ashley said...

If they can get his name, I will seriously send him a whole box of cookies!

Way to "go" CSA!

Anonymous said...

us GO riders get pretty good at complaining about our beloved transportation. it is good to be reminded that at the end of the day they do have a heart too!

i hope the person who sent you this note also sent it to GO.

Anonymous said...

The departure time is when the train is actually rolling out of the station, not when the doors are open to!

MATT said...

I too am type-I diabetic (although I have no desire to use an insulin pump, as it doesn’t jive with my lifestyle), so this story strikes a nerve.

I, like many diabetics, become confused and irritated when my blood sugar starts to drop. I always carry a spare bottle of fruit juice with me (guaranteed to spike the blood sugar in a pinch). Although I only carry one, I would gladly give it to someone in need. Chances are it would never occur to me to ask nearby passengers if they happened to have fruit juice (or some other sugary goodness) on them. That said, if anyone ever asked, I would gladly give mine up.

AC said...

My daughter, her girlfriend and I went to the station last night (Saturday) to meet the 10:13 from Union. Mr. Cookie, the CSA was on board and recieved a big tin of homemade cookies with our thanks.

He said "It was just part of my job". It wasn't.