Monday, April 22, 2013

Burning question. Is this legal?

A reader writes via text message:
This woman be eating an apple with an impressive blade. That legal?

Yes. It is perfectly legal to eat an apple on a GO train. As for the knife, I'm not a lawyer but I live with two cattorneys. One says as long as it's under five inches and you're not trying to hide it, you can carry a knife around in public in Ontario. The other says there is no length requirement for knives in Canada, you just can't conceal it... sooo... the minute this person puts that knife back into her bag, she's breaking the law?


TomW said...

I *think* you can only be done for carrying a concealed weapon if you are intending to use the knife as a weapon... which if you have legitimate use for it (and self-defence isn't one) such as eating apples or your job as a wood carver, then you're fine.

mumzthewurd said...

Or maybe you could cut up you food at home? A little lemon juice will keep it from turning brown. Or just use your teeth, they are always legal.