Monday, April 8, 2013

Is this abusive? Video shows York Region Transit special constable arresting fare jumper

Apparently she was tackled by the special constable and the person who recorded the video was quoted as saying, "I wouldn’t want to see an animal treated like that".

A spokesperson for York Region Transit told the Toronto Star, “The only time a fare violation would escalate is if a customer fails to lawfully comply. But it wouldn’t normally (escalate).”

The special constable has been reassigned to administrative duties and the incident is being investigated.

The Toronto Star has more on the story.



MATT said...

Doesn't look abusive to me. They didn't beat on her; they cuffed her. And we don't get to see the whole incident on video, so we don't know if she was violent or abusive, prior to when the clip starts with her face down.

Also, who the fuck is the broad getting high and mighty about whether someone can record something on their phone?

Anonymous said...

What abuse? What "excessive force"? Video taker clearly wanting her 15 minutes of fame. Looks like she got it. And with her commenting in the video she was really trying to exaggerate the situation. A simple/arrest detainment of a loud obnoxious person is all that took place here.

David said...

It's unclear whether there was excessive force because the recording doesn't include how the woman behaved towards the transit officer before they had to arrest her. If she was abusive, then it wasn't really excessive at all to arrest her.

Anonymous said...

We don't know why the women is being arrested but from what I see on the video is a women who is clearly resisting. When you are under arrest put your hands behind your back. Its that SIMPLE. The officer did a great job. Its not fair to post a portion of a clip and scream abuse of power. Show the whole incident, but wait the truth might be told. For that YRT Officer GOOD JOB.

Anonymous said...

so this woman stands there and video tapes the whole thing and thinks it's abusive, yet she doesnt step up and say anything to the officer in charge?
LOL@ "your judgement is karma".
so is fare jumping and getting nailed for it.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. We live in a country where looking at somebody the wrong way is excessive force. Go to North Korea and you will see excessive force.

calvinhc said...

I see someone being cuffed trying to resist being cuffed. The officer is holding her down in an attempt to cuff her without causing injury - not excessive at all. Giving her a smack to subdue her would have been excessive.

The video taker feels they should "let her go" and that it is excessive for "just $3.75". They write a ticket when you fail to pay $3.75, this woman had to do something worse to be cuffed. If the investigation determines she didn't, THEN it can be called excessive.

This video taker who sees something out of the ordinary and calls it 'excessive' is like so many out there who jump to conclusions based on a limited context or knowlege. When a train hits a car or a pedestrian, there is almost always a witness that claims the train was "speeding". Then there are all those who claim police entrapment, without knowing the difference between being "trapped" and being "entrapped".