Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Recovery needed

The management at Great Wolf came through for us and I am satisfied with their kind resolution. Fire alarms aside, we did enjoy our stay despite the exhaustion that stemmed from being rudely roused from bed both mornings.

- - - -
EARLIER - After a disastrous weekend at Great Wolf Lodge as an advance 8th birthday gift to my daughter, who actually turns 8 today, I came down with flu-like symptoms Sunday afternoon.
Our 2-day stay at Great Wolf's Niagara location was plagued with malfunctioning fire alarms both mornings. Saturday's fire alarm was at 5:56 am and Sunday's went off at 5:18 am. It was difficult to go back to sleep as families with small children roamed the hallways, disturbing other guests, while they let their children burn off some steam.
Saturday was a write-off. Sunday wasn't any better. People were pissed.
Then I got sick.
I'm recovering but haven't been commuting since Thursday. I think I'll be back in fine form tomorrow.


Jackie McGuinness said...

Not a good ad for the Lodge. Did theyoffer any compensation?

C.J. Smith said...

They offered an apology via email from the manager.
I think guests who were dissatisfied were expected to follow up and ask for compensation. We just wanted to leave.
I don't think we'll ever go back.
It's definitely a place for small children 3-5 and it's like day camp.
My husband and I never could handle that many screaming children at once.

Squiggles said...

It is a shame that they are not being more proactive in giving compensation. I could understand had it been 1 instance. But 2 on consecutive days, that is unacceptable.

Feel better soon and Happy Birthday kiddo.

ExGOnowTTC said...

Sounds like a great advertisement for contraception.

Bicky said...

Yuck. I saw the company profiled on Undercover Boss. Does not seem like a place I'd want to visit - breeding ground for germs and other nasties.

Hope your daughter had a happy birthday.

Unknown said...

I had a friend there the same weekend. She got 25% back and 25% off her next visit? Not that you want to go back, but...

C.J. Smith said...
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C.J. Smith said...

I've sent an email. I'm waiting to see what the end result will be

TheBig2na said...

I was there that weekend and my mom ended up getting sick on the sunday as well. She was in bed for 4 days after it. We ended up getting compensated for all of the problems, but there were many. The place is badly understaffed in the restaurants and on the slides. Had a good time but when you go away to relax and then can't wait to get back to work so you can sleep in till 6:30am, that's a problem.