Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Lakeshore East GO Train & Bus Services Coming Soon

From a GO Transit email blast:

Lakeshore East Line GO Train & Bus Passengers: We're happy to announce that we'll be introducing new weekday train and bus services on your line. Starting Monday, April 8th, you'll have two new Toronto-bound train trips from Oshawa GO at 10:08 and 16:08; and two new eastbound trains departing Union back to Oshawa at 08:43 and 14:43. Bus connections will be provided to and from Newcastle and there will be some minor adjustments to some of our other services to make room for the new trains.

Additionally, the westbound train trip that currently departs Pickering GO at 07:45 will leave ten minutes later at 07:55, and the 07:21 train trip departure from Oshawa to Union at 07:21 will leave seven minutes later at 07:26. The departure times at stations stops along the line will also be adjusted, along with bus connections.

For more details, please visit the 'GO schedule changes' section at or click the following link:


Anonymous said...

I'm not a math wizard or anything but if the 7:21 train will now be leaving at 7:26 wouldn't that be five minutes later?

Bicky said...

Don't know how it can leave seven minutes later when they say 7:26... hee hee. Methinks there's a typo on GO's part.

The 2:43pm train will be nice for those early escapes from work.

Keith Soltys said...

Looks like we're getting closer to half-hourly service during the day. That would be nice.

Peter said...

Are you suffering from Delusions of Accuracy, Cindy? All schedules are general advisories, and all trips are "best efforts" only. ;-)

BTW, was the 1 cent difference in your trip to Union vs. home-bound ever resolved? Cheers!

C.J. Smith said...


Nope. GO has done nothing further other to open an "investigation" into the matter.

mumzthewurd said...

Who's the math wiz at Go? 721+7 = 726?

Bicky said...

I received a corrected email with the new time of 7:28am - which is indeed seven minutes later from 7:21. :o)