Friday, April 19, 2013

That's right GO Transit, spoil us Lakeshore folks like we deserve to be spoiled. GO trains to run every 30 minutes beginning June 29

Contain your orgasms, LSE'rs!

I feel bad for the people on the Barrie line, but hot damn for us on the Lakeshore line! Besides, you Barrie riders do have those quiet zones...

April 19, 2013 10:15 am
Ministry of Transportation

Ontario is making it easier to take public transit by adding more GO Train trips along the Lakeshore line. 

Starting June 29, GO trains that currently run hourly along the Lakeshore line between Aldershot and Oshawa will run every 30 minutes, seven days a week.

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Dakota said...

This is great. It will now be easier to leave early for appointments and such. As I always have to build in time for the train being late, thw new times will be helpful.

Squiggles said...


And I only say this because every once in a while I head into the city on the weekend.

Bicky said...

I was just about to email this to you. I see you're on top of the good news today! *smile*

It's good news for those who rely on the train for getting to appointments and stuff. Hopefully, this will also entice more to use it on the weekends.

April said...

And so comes the justification for jacking fares and charging for parking spots.

Peter said...

So, near-empty trains will run semi-hourly during non-rush-hour periods Monday to Friday. Is that a fare increase I smell?

What does this mean for connecting bus service, e.g. Aldershot, Burlington, Oshawa?

Anonymous said...

Great! Taxpayer money to subsidize empty trains! If you can't afford a car to commute, maybe you should get a job flipping burgers and learn some personal responsibility before taking our money.

C.J. Smith said...

The hell. I published your comment because of its ignorance. You need to get your head out of Rob Ford's ass.

C.J. Smith said...

Here's hoping that more frequent service fills those trains up, Peter. I would also hope GO is adjusting bus schedules, too. Or else those of us.who save thousands of dollars a year by not owning a car, and who pay for roads and transit as taxpayers, are the ones getting the short end of the stick.

Squiggles said...

A) I do not have a vehicle, but even if I did, there is no way in hell I would give up so much of my time to drive into the downtown core.

B) The bus issue is also a concern at the local level. At least here in Durham, the buses are scheduled to leave about 10 mins after the trains arrive now. And they arrive at the station about 10 mins before the train departs.

But I have taken the train at different times during the work week as well as weekends and although they are not packed, they are not exactly empty either. I would say the cars I had been in were about 1/3 full. So there is definitely room to improve there and hopefully with the increased times, it will help people opt into taking the train. Now, had they done this with the monthly pass/companion fare, that would have been more popular.

daniel said...

anonymous at 950 is a dick.
one day in may 2009, all service was suspended along the lakeshore east line due to a wide spread signal power outage. what happened next was a farce like no other.
i was one of the ones who left the oshawa station figuring i would drive to my then new job near city hall in toronto.
this means that thousands of people in durham who take go transit tried to do the same.
it was the worst gridlock ever. it took three hours to get to the dvp and an hour and a half to get to queen and yonge.
almost five hours to get to work. i rolled in at 1 pm. i had just started the job the day before. i got a pat on the back for effort. i also burned through a whole tank of gas.
so fuck you and your lecture about accountability.
stupid troll.
cheers to more trains and more people leaving the car at home...

George P said...

Finally a plan from our provincial fiberals to get cars off the roads that makes sense.

In all likelihood, the off-peak trains will be shorter as 12 car trains won't be needed for non-rush hour service.

As for fare increases, do people not realize there are increases almost every year anyways? Geez some people bleat like sheep about them even though they are expected.

Too bad the fiberals have to make a big show of implementing this plan. I was there and watched the minister preen like a peacock when he announced the service change. Anyone with half a brain (so that excluded liberals) knows that the service was needed.

Peter said...

@CJ Might this service enhancement have more to do with preparing for the Pan Am Games in 2015?

Metrolinx stated yesterday they will adjust bus schedules. Exactly what that means is not clear at this time.

Matt said...

How about a Lakeshore train every 45 minutes and then something (anything?) at the weekends for the Richmond Hill line. If not a train, then maybe a bus or two? Please?