Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This was my morning commute. Start from the bottom and read your way to the top.

  1. R/T ": so she's not at union anymore?! How do we now?" It's in Mike's hands now.
  2. If these girls got separated, why the need to phone 7 people? So many questions but little answers wrt Operation
  3. I just told the girl I hope she gets a hold of . Katie took express bus to Oshawa GO while her friend took the milkrun bus.
  4. I just spent the whole train ride on Operation . No True Blood for me this morning. Dang.
  5. R/T": ok. As soon as I get to Union, I'll start asking everyone if they are . Let's see what kind of response I get ;)"
  6. R/T ": I bet they're college/university students as well? Even scarier when you're young." About 22?
  7. R/T ": Ugh, that SUCKS! I've been in that boat before. It is NO fun.Hope she finds out where she is."
  8. R/T ": Do you know WHY they need to ?" I do not. It had not been said, only that she was to be at Union
  9. R/T ": Lo-jack that phone. WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY."
  10. Dad, aka Mike, is almost at the 401, heading to Toronto.
  11. FYI Katie has a cellphone but it's believed she has the ringer off. It's also been stated that Katie may not realize she is lost.
  12. Katie has been AWOL for a full hour. Operation is in full swing. Recon in 10.

  13. Actually, it was mentioned in the phone convo if the "train people" should be alerted.
  14. I quote "She must be on an earlier train. Get Mike to drive to Union and look for her." Operation just got real
  15. I've followed Operation onto the train. Katie's mother is now involved and a plan involving Katie's dad is now being hatched
  16. The suspense is killing me...
  17. I don't mean to laugh but the level of panic I'm witnessing is hysterical. PS. Katie is not a child.
  18. I need an all points bulletin! Katie has taken the wrong bus. It's now full-on operation
  19. I'm thinking a call to a milk container manufacturer is in order.
  20. So much drama up in this bus over this Katie girl!
  21. Oh my God. This girl has phoned 7 people so far trying to find Katie. Why does she need to find Katie? Stay tuned!
  22. Poor girl in front of me is on her phone desperately trying 2 hunt down a girl named Katie. I'm biting my nails here. LOL@Sorry 2 wake u up


CanuckGirl said...

CJ, your awesomeness knows no bounds. :)

Skin Man said...

I must admit it drives me crazy when people don't have phones turned on/out of minutes, battery not charged/whatever - when we're trying to coordinate travel.

Anonymous said...

What did people do BEFORE cellphones?
This incessant frantic behaviour is getting worse and worse.

Anonymous said...

What did we do BEFORE cellphones?

This incessant frantic behaviour is ridiculous.

I'll bet I could even guess the age bracket of the person you whose story you are telling......


Anonymous said...


Ha ha I agree! They're the ones with the 'enabling' parents that call them from the GO Train at 7 am to check if they're up yet 😳

Sylv said...

If you don't know you're lost, are you still lost?