Thursday, September 26, 2013

Former CN Construction Supervisor claims CN charged GO Transit millions of dollars for unrelated expenses

“They were using ‘partially worn' material, which is used material being charged for new,” Holmes told CBC News. “[They charged GO transit for] millions of dollars of equipment working out on CN territory, not even on the GO territory. If [that equipment] was there three weeks a year, you'd be lucky. [CN was] upgrading CN tracks that have nothing to do with GO Transit."



Peter said...

Who from GO Transit monitored and signed-off on the work done by CN then, and how is it determined only now that partially worn material was used and charged as new?

Squiggles said...

Well, A) this is just proving that there is corruption in the ranks. Something we all knew but couldn't prove.

B) And we now know why we kept paying more and more for our fares without seeing any service improvements. The money was being funnelled to another company.

I really hope there is actual truth to this. And I hope it ends up in court and heads (metaphorically) roll. We need to start seeing the courts taking a stand FOR the taxpayer instead of siding with the governments in power.

deepfish said...

I worked CN construction back in the 80's. Look to the Roadmaster or the Work Equipment Supervisor - nothing gets by without their say so. But this use of material speaks to corruption even higher up...