Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Just realized what the new GO Transit colours look like ...

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Squiggles said...

So, did they choose the PRESTO colours to match the new GO colours or matched the GO colours to the PRESTO card?

Either way, in full sun, the colour scheme is hideous.

Michael said...

um...they've been doling those things out since May here in Ottawa. Still have the problems with autoload and online loading as well.

Those are the next generation of cards that only Ottawa so far is using.

Best feature? No GTA (e.g. GO Transit, YRT, DRT, etc.) will work on Ottawa's system and vice versa. So much for Presto being "the new smarter way to go" as it is being advertised here in the nation's capital.

Anonymous said...

Those cards are in use in the GTA as well. I got one at Ajax, even though it says "for use in Ottawa only" on the back. On my old card, Presto is portrait. On my new one, Presto is landscape. Spoke with ticket agents at Ajax and Union, no one seemed too concerned. Cards are still being given out at Ajax. Guess I'll have to wait to see what happens when I get checked.