Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ottawa Double Decker transit bus struck by VIA train in Ottawa

Photo by @GiacomoPanico via Twitter

A Double Decker bus, just like the ones operated by GO Transit, collided with a VIA train this morning resulting in multiple fatalities according to news reports.

The crash happened at 8:48 a.m.near the intersection of Woodroffe Avenue and Fallowfield Road.

There is no further information as of 10:05 am this morning as to why and how the collision happened.

Click here for a photo of the front of the bus.


Unknown said...

I think the train collided with the bus, more so than the other way around.

Anonymous said...

A train runs on a track. It can't purposely collide with a bus. Did the train derail and then collide with the bus?

Anonymous said...

On Twitter it seems the train derailed and collided with the bus that was waiting before the tracks. The bus was stopped? In the photo you have linked, the bus is not on the tracks.

C.J. Smith said...

Looks like the word on Twitter is the word.

What a tragic situation.

Anonymous said...

CBC employee on the bus stated the bus didn't stop and people shouted before impact.
Looking at the wreckage, I would like to think that the design of the DD may of saved lives.
Only the direct impact point of the bus is destroyed, over 3/4 of the vehicle is fully standing and intact.
Could easily of been dragged along the line causing further injury.

Very sad day on Canadian Public Transport today


Anonymous said...

So the driver didn't stop like he's legally obliged?

Unknown said...

WOAH if this is true, the driver (if he were alive) could have been held criminally liable:
" "From what I can tell the bus driver did not notice that these train track's signal lights were on and the gates were down. People screamed on the bus shortly before the crash because he was not stopping," Mech told CBC News."
Signal lights ON, gates DOWN ... how does a bus driver not notice that, unless he was having a heart attack, stroke or seizure.

Ashley said...

This sadly, is minutes away from my parent's house.

The bus driver did not stop, despite shouting from passengers that the guard at the crossing was down, and plowed into the train that was coming into the station.

The impact caused the train to derail (2 cars came off the track, but did not flip over, and no passengers on the train were seriously injured).

5 people were killed instantly including the driver, and another 34 taken to hospital, 11 with critical injuries. 1 of those passengers has since died in hospital.

So very tragic. I can only fathom that there was some sort of medical emergency with the driver. I can't think of anything else (other than suicidal behaviour) that would have led to this