Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Has university become so exhausting that students have to claim two seats on a busy express train to sleep off the stress?


Anonymous said...

I'm at Seneca, on Tuesdays my day starts at 8:55am. That class goes until 11:35, usually with only a 10 min break. The next class starts at 11:40 and goes till 3:15 usually with NO break.
That's 7 or so hours, with only one 10 minute and one 5 minute break.

Anonymous said...

Wow that must be tough - 7 hrs with only 15 minutes of break - how do you do it 5 days a week?? Imagine all those people who commute to work - usually getting up at 5:30 -6am to get their kids ready, commute into work for 8-8:30am,eat at their lunch at their desk while working, commute home again between 5-6pm, get dinner ready, eat and clean up, help kids with homework and get them bathed and ready for bed, usually while still continuing to work via BB - and yet most of them are courteous enough even though they may be exhusted to not take up two seats so that some other very tired person doesn't have to stand for an hour all the way home!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow anony ... way to take it out of context douche.
What I said was what ONE of my days was like, and not what ever day is like.
NOT ONCE did I condone or approve of this donkey's actions. Did I? Point out where I condoned it. That's right, I didn't.
Learn to read, and understand context.

Squiggles said...

Well Allan, I have to say I read it the same way Anon did.

No, you may not have condoned it with the written word. However, you did imply it with what you said.

Be that as it may, when I was at University and College, my days would start at 8am and sometimes go until 9pm. That was by choice. At no point did I complain (which is what you seem to have done) about it.

Besides, you lost points as soon as you insulted someone, who read what you wrote in one way when you meant a different way. Maybe take an English or Writing class in your not-so-busy days.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone make an effort to at least wake up this person.

Anonymous said...

That's our responsibility?

Anonymous said...

Try being outside to catch a GO Bus on the highway at 7am to get you to Yorkdale then take the subway to Yonge & Eglinton to be in class by 8am and then work 5 days a week.

What's a nap?
It's called being a grown up - you'd better get used to it.