Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Someone needs to vent ... take it away L.M.

Hey CJ;

I hope you're having a great vacation! (I am - thank you - Cj)
I sure could use one myself with these door donkeys making my workday a living hell. I work near Exhibition Place and I need to get off at Exhibition Station but people (if one can call them people) feel that once the train stops at Union, it'll be there for one second and they simply must block the doors before then to ensure they aren't abandoned on the train. Well, I am sick of it. Today, I said (hopefully loud enough for them to hear me) "F*cking Exhibition Station, not Union. If you're  not getting off here don't stand near the doors". One woman had gotten up when we left Port Credit to stand near the doors, which was what partially caused for me to snap as well as having to endure this for six days in a row. Thank god some of my shifts are afternoons.

Anyways, I just really needed to vent to someone who feels my pain.



MATT said...

School starts this week. Train manners are going to take a sharp drop off the sanity cliff.

On the upside, it'll be a blast to watch all the students who "know for a fact that nobody pays to ride the train" or who "know for a fact that they never check tickets" getting busted by the GOstappo.

C.J. Smith said...

You should read some of the Twitter statuses from these same folks who brag about not paying. My favourite Twitter person @GoTrainsit just rips into them.

George said...

I had a pack of Junior hockey players stack their equipment in front of the door at Ajax when they were getting off at Whitby on the LSE afternoon rush last spring.

Other people went to the other doors but I simply grabbed the center post and climbed right over the bags making sure I stepped on them.

You should have heard the yelling and threats I got. It was hilarious. None got off the train though for obvious reasons.

C.J. Smith said...

^ My hero.

Jack C. said...

One of those little train ironies: Lining up early and blocking the door several stops before your own (because you are paranoid about getting stuck on the train) is what causes people to fear being unable to disembark.

Some passengers who block the doors and the stairways apparently have appointed "line wardens" to deal with this problem. I'll be waiting at the top of the stairs behind a long line of people to exit at Ajax station. Half the donkeys are actually lined up for Whitby (probably some for Oshawa). The self-appointed line warden will holler, just as the door is opening, "Anyone for Ajax? Anyone for Ajax? Squeeze through here!"

Seriously. Can we can the "line wardens" and just agree collectively to proceed to the exits AT OUR OWN DAMNED STOPS and not two stops before?

DF said...

I find that Oshawa people are the worst door donkeys