Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Because Stevie D. needs some heeeeeat

I've been knocked flat on my ass by some kind of Super Cold that is not the flu but leaves you feeling just as exhausted.
It's all in my head and chest, with a raw, sore throat coupled with a dry cough. It sounds like a barking seal when I cough.

Needless to say, the only benefit to "the sick" is I am not out in this weather. I'm also not dealing with what many of you have told me about - cold, heatless trains. That's one consonant less than heartless, which is what I think GO Transit is being when they subject us to such poor service. 

GO makes a promise to us that in exchange for our fare, they will make our ride comfortable. Riding to work and shivering for 50 minutes is not comfortable.  This isn't 1867. You're not in a horse drawn sled. You are entitled to your expectation of heat.

I've advised fellow passengers to call GO Transit. They need to hear from you. I agree it is "pas cool" to have no heat, but there's strength in numbers and GO needs to hear your complaints and first-hand.  When you get your Transit Usage Report next week and you notice the amount of fare you shelled out in 2014, that should motivate you even more to call GO because these cold rides into work don't come cheap. 


Bicky said...

Feel better soon. Sorry to hear you're down with a cold.

Does anyone else find it ironic that since we all started paying more this month (for some of us it's another 50¢ a ride; 45¢ with Presto), the service has been a complete gong show due to the weather and other situations?

I've been riding the GO Train since 1992. I don't recall such buffoonery and delays like what happens presently.

Nora1968 said...

Assuming the March 1st promise is actually kept this year.... (just saying.....).

C.J. Smith said...

I *really* miss Gary McNeil.
I feel that the current prez is way over his head.

C.J. Smith said...

Nora, you know I WATCH Presto every year like a hawk. They better be on time.

Squiggles said...

In the past, I have recorded coach numbers and contacted customer service about either no heat or TOO much heat. They actually thanked me, because without the numbers, it is really hard to figure out what and where the problem is.

This past Sunday, a friend took the GO Bus in and was too hot. It was so hot, the driver was in a tshirt and my friend was almost sick. I told her to either talk to the driver (at a red light) or record the bus # and let Customs service know.

Here's hoping things improve. Spring is just 4 weeks away people! 4 weeks!

Warren Downe said...

I've often wondered whether Gary saw the "gong show" coming and decided to get while the gettin' was good.

C.J. Smith said...
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C.J. Smith said...

If the bus is too hot I get crazy car sick and unless the driver wants to me blow chunks, he's/she's gotta turn it down.

A month ago this happened and the driver told me the heat was fine (it said "76" on her dash) and told me to take off my coat. I got off at the next stop and called my husband to come get me.
I should have just stayed on and passed out and let the driver explain it to EMS.

Squiggles said...

Me too. Which is why I kept on her about telling the driver. There have been days when I get off the bus and walk home with coat undone, no hood, hat, scarf, etc. on. Just to cool down to a normal temperature. Because it is either that or decorate someone's front yard.

Bicky said...

Nora, it's not just if the reports are on time. It also matters that they're 100% correct.

Last year, I was missing half a dozen rides from what I calculated based on my transaction history reports which I print off every. single. month. (Because I don't trust the TUR.)

Nora1968 said...

You're right - although I'm not aware of any problems with my previous reports, many have told me that there were glaring errors and omissions in their reports and it was quite a circus trying to get PRESTO to correct the "official" report so it could be submitted to CRA. Sigh. You would think that the apparent removal of "human error" would mean more accuracy and quicker results!

Michael Suddard said...

I'd start Tweeting to @stevedelduca & @femwriter (Anne Marie Aikens) of Metrolinx. Sure complain to GO Transit about the issues, but enough is enough.

Metrolinx, via Anne Marie Aiken's press releases, under Steven Del Duca's Ministry of Transportation, promised improved service for the fare increase.

Nothing has happened in terms of on time performance, etc.

If these two twitter feeds start blowing up, things will need to be done!

So send them the coach #s and complaints via twitter as well. It's time to put their feet to the fire and get those switches working.

deepfish said...

"GO makes a promise to us that in exchange for our fare, they will make our ride comfortable."

They also make a promise that we will be safe.They also promise a healthy environment. They put up signs that promise no smoking. They make a lot of promises. Promises are cheap. Enforcement is non existent.

I have not used GO for going on four months now. Cars are expensive. Inconvenient too, especially when you have only one.
SOme days I have to drive out to Burlington, drop off the wife, do a U turn and book it back to Mississauga to be on time for my job. But it sure beats having to breath in toxic and allergy inducing buttsucker fumes in the promised "safety" and "comfort" of "smoke free" GO stations.
Until GO starts really being serious about enforcement (and now, apparently, heating) I will be glad to stay away and stay safe and relatively more comfortable.

C.J. Smith said...

deepfish's comments are the reason why I refuse to believe ridership has increased. I have heard from close to 20 people so far this year who have abandoned GO.
But not everyone knows me, maybe 15% of the overall ridership knows of this site, so really, how many people have walked away from GO in droves and back into their cars?