Thursday, February 12, 2015

Erindale rebuild: a pre-construction conversation, with a photo of the result - lovingly penned by Anonymous

"I say Dave, where will we put the Presto card readers at Erindale? It's a major rebuild, so, can they can go wherever we want?"

"Good question, Bob. One by the main entrance seems sensible - people can then tap as they enter the station."

"Capital idea, Dave! We'll put the ticket machine there too."

"Nice one Bob... but you know what's even better than a Presto card reader? TWO Presto card readers."

"Dave! That's genius! If one breaks, customers will have the other... no missed tap-ons, no lost revenue, no angry confrontations with the fare checking people."

"It's a win-win, Bob."

"Hmm, but where do you think we put the second Presto card reader, Dave?"

"You've asked me this already, Bob... by the main entrance. Same place as the first one."

"Oh and Bob? Remember, every reader must have a sign showing how to use it."


outburst said...

If the names had been Bob and Doug I would have given it five stars, instead of four because these seem like the same guys who'd think it smart to put a mouse in a bottle.

Squiggles said...

For some reason I read this as a conversation between Bobs a la Office Space.

Skin Man said...

When I read them, once I got to the "capital idea" part they immediately had English accents

C.J. Smith said...

You're going to make the bloke who wrote this exchange very delighted Skin Man.

Mark said...

I'm not sure I get it. Erindale has 3 entrances: A central one (where the picture was taken), an entrance at the eastbound end and an entrance near the park n' ride at the westbound end. A 3 entrances have two Presto machines and an automated ticket machine.

There's coverage at each point.

Now...if anonymous was going to complain or be snarky about the broken park n' ride loop that takes 30+ minutes to exit thus causing people to try to get around using it which in turn causes more delays exiting which in turn makes the exit time longer, then I would understand.

C.J. Smith said...

Yeah, ok, two signs how to use PRESTO side by side? Don't you think one signwould do?

Also, have you witnessed in rush hour the shoving and crowd pressing when two PRESTO machines are close together? Come to Oshawa. I'll show how brilliant it works, especially when you stick newspaper boxes between them.

Mark said...

I guess its like Oreo cookies...why have one when two is even better?

Okay I get your point on the proximity. Although if you moved the other one away from the doors in that lane that people MUST walk to minimize their trip to the car then you'd just have one empty machine and a line up for the one right near the door.