Tuesday, February 17, 2015

So is there a gang of "concerned comuters" we should be worried about? Throw a P in there and we've got a Rise of the Machines problem

to:CJ Smith
date:Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 8:21 AM
subject:Note left on friend's car

Am attaching a picture of a note my friend received on her windshield on Friday. Not sure the reasoning behind it. My friend was properly parked between the lines.

She usually takes the first carpool spot in the row, closest to the building. It's 5:30 in the morning and not a lot of cars jostling for spots. She has the proper carpool permits and doesn't use the space if she didn't carpool that day.

Always the proofreader, the first words out of my mouth after I read it were, "Commuters was spelled wrong."


Dakota said...

I was with Bicky on Friday and can say the car was parked properly. Also, if you do not sign your name you are not being taken seriously. Perhaps this person wants the 1st spot and this is not the way to do it.

Anonymous said...

If they want the first/closest spot, they need to come to the station earlier. What a coward.

Jules said...

chances are some jerk had it on his car and put it on hers for no reason. People can be jerks

Bicky said...

I should have taken a photo to show she was parked fine.

I'll find out if there's been follow up notes and then write one for her to leave for the "comuters". Phoebe Buffey style!

(Remember, in Friends, when someone kept eating Ross' lunch? Phoebe wrote a badass note for Ross to leave on his lunch. I digress.)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes writing a note can be tempting. I pay for a spot at Dixie - my tiny sub compact hatchback is sandwiched between two SUVs. Thank goodness its a hatchback because last week both the SUVs managed to park right on the line -actually, one wheel of the biggest SUV was fully in my spot, so quite a bit of the their SUV was in my spot and squeezed up against my car. I could not open either door to get in! Maybe someone on the 5:40 out of union to Dixie saw me open the hatch and crawl in. I did nothing. And I ALWAYS park precisely between the lines. And I never succumb to the temptation to dent their car by letting my door slam into their side because I know Karma's reputation ;) ----> BUT what is the right thing to do in this case?

C.J. Smith said...


Anonymous said...

I would park in the Park N Ride and call the number they give on the sign. Although they technically are not parked in your spot, your spot was not usable as a result of their lazy asses that couldn't be bothered to fix their shitty ass parking jobs.

Anonymous said...

I'd stab u in the next Cindy if you even touched my car.