Monday, February 9, 2015

GO Transit president blames passengers for breaking last Monday

I can tell you that I wasn't on the website at 6am last Monday. I'm pretty sure most of you weren't either.

Percy told the Toronto Star it was an online search function that blew up the website.

Now he tells the Toronto Sun it was due to too much traffic.

Media Relations said it was a problem deep in the backend of the website (the only person who was close to telling the truth).

The Minister of Transportation said increased ridership was to blame (I still can't get over that - isn't this a good thing?).

So what's the story folks?

I'm going with my anonymous source. Bad code delivered by a third party provider killed the website - not us.


Squiggles said...

It is pretty sad that they are blaming the CUSTOMER for the issue. Seriously, if there was another, reasonable option of getting to work, I would consider it. Only because, as a paying customer, I hate that I am blamed for something that wasn't my fault.

Anonymous said...

VIA Rail...?

Tal Hartsfeld said...

It never ceases to amaze me how those-in-charge---those who actually have all the control over everything---have this propensity for never being responsible themselves they way they always want everyone else to be.
And how, when things go astray, they never engage in any type of REAL investigative work, but instead conveniently blame the most vulnerable or the "weakest link".
And cherry-picking "fall guys" to blame never solves anything. It's just a way of feigning competence and efficiency on their part and nothing more.

C.J. Smith said...

I did notice that VIA trains from Oshawa appeared to all make it to Toronto on time each morning last week.

Warren Downe said...

The manager of Media Relations and Issues announced on the Sunday before, "We're in storm prep for your commute Mon am" ( Is that supposed to absolve GO Transit of their failings during and after the storm? They didn't prepare enough, but we're culpable?

What we are guilty of is allowing the government to retain the Metrolinx management that perpetuates this level of disservice.

TomW said...

15,000 visitors should not break the website.

Nahid said...

Yep, most websites can run with millions of users accessing content at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Love the comment "deep in the backend of the website". I'm visualizing Jeff Bridges going toe to toe with Clu as they fight for data supremacy in the nether regions of the website code.

Anonymous said...

So if 15 000 passengers break a website how is it that the WIFI they are providing doesnt glitch with the THOUSANDS of wifi users? Doesnt make sense. !!!!

George said...

Go isn't providing any free wifi.

An advertising company is. They handle everything about it and GO collects a fee from them.