Monday, November 8, 2010

11:13 pm ride home demonstrates the difference between day-trippers and work-commuters


After a long day and night out, I ventured onto the 11:13pm LSE.

On my trip, in the first coach, I was joined by two, very drunk, early twenty-somethings who tittered and giggled the whole ride about the guy passed out in a coma across from them who was wearing a Superman t-shirt with the muscles built in. I had to agree with them, something they pointed out a hundred times: Halloween was last weekend... mmm.

Over in the next quad, surrounded by bags that proved a shopping trip at the Eaton Centre, sat a teen who decided to go through all of the available ring tones on her new iPhone until I politely asked her to stop, just after we passed Guildwood. This was met with a roll of the eyes. So I got up to move upstairs and made sure I whacked her in the head as I passed her with my satchel. Oops, my bad.

Upstairs was the party bus. Three guys coming home from a bender at Ki. Heading to Whitby. One kept reminding his friends that they had to move back if they wanted to get off.

Are there no good bars in Whitby? No place to get drunk at? Alllll the way to Toronto .... ? For alcohol??? Asked the lady across from me who kept highlighting passages in her pocket Bible. I asked her if she believed in what she was reading, about Jesus' magic powers, blood into wine, stones into bread ... she thumped for me all the way to Oshawa and I listened like a respectful person should.

When we were approaching Oshawa, she asked me if I would quickly pray with her for the sins of the three drunk men who, of course, missed Whitby and were now on their cellphones arranging for rides.

This woman hung onto my hands as if I was to stop her from blowing away. I didn't close my eyes. I just sat and watched her. When she released my hands she told me Jesus is in my heart.

What do you say to that?


Anonymous said...

you say thank you for the wonderful story. the end.

Anonymous said...

ps. since when is having a good time a sin? ever notice how these so called die hard christians are the most judemental people on the planet?

Cindy said...

We had an awesome experience on the 10:13 after the Leafs/Sens game (Sens won!!). The couple in the quad across from us decided to sing along with their IPod. While wearing the headphones. It was atrociously bad. And the music was atrociously old too. Like, Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" old. Insert eye roll here.

Anonymous said...

"So I got up to move upstairs and made sure I whacked her in the head as I passed her with my satchel. Oops, my bad."

Haha.. good move. I'll remember that one.

TomW said...

Whitby does have places to drink. We just ban people who only go there to get drunk.

Anonymous said...

I disagree Tom W. as a 19-year-old girl I can say that there are no good places to drink/dance in Whitby. The bars are always full whereas bars in Toronto are much more entertaining and I would rather haul my ass there to have a good time with friends than wait outside and wander between 2 different bars.