Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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This past Sunday my wife and I were returning back to Ajax from a show in Toronto. The early evening train had a few cars that were relatively empty including the one we were in. Several rows over sat a young couple fooling around. At one point, this couple got up and left. I could see them, from where I was sitting, both enter the washroom. This would be one of the larger lavatories, with the sliding door. I can't recall what station we had passed when they both entered the washroom but shortly after we left Pickering did both of them come out of the lavatory. The boy came out first, followed by the girl. I'm not good at ages, but I would guess they were both late teens, 19 or 20. I thought it odd that the girl proceeded to leave the car, moving towards the next one while the boy sat down not far from us, put in some earphones and closed his eyes. This left my wife and I somewhat baffled.

We both got off at Ajax, along with the girl who was several yards ahead of us on the platform. My wife saw her shove something blue into the trash can. As we got closer, my wife stopped and pointed. The blue item the girl discarded was a pair of female underwear, specifically a blue thong, my wife said. She was sure of it. We're not sure what we witnessed but we don't understand the ditching of clothing? Was it to discard evidence of an unfaithful tryst or to escape the watchful eye of a mother who handles the laundry?

We both are weekday commuters of GO transit and we've heard the rumors of people having sex on the trains. We didn't find what we saw titillating. In fact, we were both grossed out.


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Why didnt you hit the bell and give them a few extra mins...
better yet knock on the door and say ticket...
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