Friday, November 12, 2010

Whatcha gonna do, brother?

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Hey. Love the site. I'm on the 11:13pm LSE. I got stuck in the drunk tank. These 2 guys who were about 20 or so were pissed outta their heads and one had come up to me and told me, "I want to hump you". I said "What?" He grabbed his crotch, laughed and then went over to the next woman and asked her if she wanted to hump him and his friend. This woman stood straight up and pushed the guy roughly into a seat. She tells him that if he talks to another woman or continues to act like a d-bag, she'll toss him off the train at the next station. I sat there debating if I should push the yellow strip. The guy just laughs and says she probably humps dogs and sucks ---- (I know you can't publish it but you get the picture). Well, as we pulled into Rouge Hill, this woman gets all Hulk Hogan on the guy, grabs the guy like he weighs nothing, pushes him to the door and literally throws him off the train! I can't tell if he fell but his friend bolted just as the doors were closing. Then she sat down and acted like nothing happen. AMAZING. I thanked her when we I got off at Ajax and she smiled. She made me feel empowered.


C.J. Smith said...

I hope most readers know who Hulk Hogan is. If you don't, google him.

kary said...

Great story. I once saw a guy tossed from the Oshawa 7:15 train. I'm impressed with people who come to the defense of others, then carry on like nothing happened. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Violence is *NEVER* justified.
The right thing to do would have been for both of you to move to another coach, or get off at the next stop, or head down to the accessibility coach.

This woman could have made the situation worse if these men were armed or prone to violence. I know in self-defense classes, women are taught to be assertive and show no fear but come on, do you really think this is how she should have handled the situation?

Does this mean she has the right to toss any paying customer acting stupid off trains?

Gary said...

Re: anonymous' 6:38 am comment.

And to think, remembrance day just passed ... you been hanging out with David Miller or somethin?

Jenn Jilks said...

Tossing someone off of a train = violence? Simple, gentle solution, rather than stopping the entire train, causing more commotion.

Socially unacceptable behaviour, speaking filth like that, they do not deserve to be in public.

More of us need to speak up and speak out.

Cindy said...

Why are all the stupid comments by "anonymous"?

Obviously "anonymous" wouldn't have said anything like that in real life -- just gets their courage up when no names are required.

I might have agreed with some of the stuff they wrote (it could have been a dangerous move), but they simply come off as a flamer when they no-name it.

Sheelah said...

Jenn is a wise woman. No man has the right to project himself as a threat to a woman or sexually harass a female. And all women have the right to protect ourselves. She chose to fight back. Good for her.

Anonymous said...

No man or woman has the right to sexually harass or commit acts of violence. Both of them are wrong.

I applaud our heroine for standing up to this behavior - but its very dangerous - hit the strip that's what it's there for - hopefully he would have gotten a more severe consequence than his hurt pride had the GO constables dealt with him.

Todd said...

I have to agree with Anonymous, what she did is technically an assault. He could press charges. I commend her for standing up to him, she did what we all would want to do, but there are more legal ways of resolving this situation.

candace said...

What the hell? Are you people mad, standing up there, preaching from your thrones?!

I was once attacked on a train and I fought back at my assailant. Yes, I pressed the yellow strip but by the time I'd have to wait for help, this man would have been finished his sexual assault.

Please. Some of you need to get a clue. The man was arrested by I kicked him hard enough to break his nose.

And he would press charges!!! No way, Jose. No way.

Dan said...

I'd like to think most people have the common sense to assess a situation and how they should act in it. In this case, the guys were probably just sh*tfaced and being morons, ignorable to a certain extent. If they started grabbing or actually tried to "hump" someone, by all means throw 'em off. If they looked dangerous, the OP might have not taken it upon herself to throw them off.

Jamie said...

Candance I think you are confusing defending once self from physical assault with escalting verbal attacks to physical one.

I'd further suggest that given how little you know about the paths posters' lives have followed your comment on 'preaching from thrones' is inappropriate at best.

No one is suggesting that you 'wait' for help when someone is physically attacking you - however that was not the case in the original post.

I am truely sorry you had to suffer such a horrible and life changing event, but advocating an aggressive response may actually result in someone following your advice and that person subsequently getting hurt unnecessarily.

If we have to suffer digusting verbal banter - is preferrable to the physical alternatives.