Thursday, November 18, 2010

GO Transit politely tells LSE passengers to ease up on the donuts

Did this look familiar this morning?

From GO's website:

Here is the information we have to report at 9:38, November 18, 2010


  • The Oshawa 08:25 - Union 09:18 train trip arrived Union 8 minutes late due to heavy passenger volumes.

Funny how no where did GO mention why the trains were "heavy". The 7:53am train from Oshawa was cancelled but not reported in this message.

But at least everyone knows how to get to the bloody Santa Claws parade this Sunday!

Grade: D+


ciara said...

I don't get it.

TomW said...

What don't you get??

Kelly said...

FYI, the 6:33 am Whitby train was also cancelled this morning. They claimed mechanical problems.

Anonymous said...

Needless to say that 'heavy passenger volumes' means that more people than usual were on the train (likely due to the aforementioned cancellation) and was not a reference to the train's passengers being overweight. Sorry CJ, but you officially jumped the shark with this one. Oh, and it's Santa Claus, not clause.

C.J. Smith said...

I guess I shouldn't have made "light" of a "heavy" situation.

Anonymous said...

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