Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Request: Magic 8-ball advice sought for reader who lost family ring

Sent via text message to 9054420352

Dear CJ: First and foremost, I love your website!!! I read your post where you offered up your magic 8-ball for advice. On Monday night as my train was pulling into Oshawa from Union, I lost my ring which has the birthstones of my two children set on it. It went flying and with the CSA screaming the train was out of service and the doors were closing, I only had a few minutes to try to find it. So my questions is: Did someone find my ring and will it be at lost and found when I go there on Friday morning? Thanks!!! --- Sheelah K.

And the magic 8-ball said ...


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Cindy said...

So...I think Sheelagh should update us...did she find the ring at the lost and found?!