Thursday, November 4, 2010

Snortin' Tims

Really?! Really.


Let's look at the layout of Union Station, in the perimeter of where all y'all dirty turnips spill out from the stairs and into the station, and how much coffee is available.

There's a:

Second Cup
Michel's Baguette
The Pretzel Thingy kiosk
Bagel Stop
Second Cup (again!)
Mr Sub
The muffin place with way too many M's
That other croissant and pastry kiosk 'round where the LCBO is

And now there's a Tim Hortons or "Snortin' Tim's" as I call it. The line-up when I got off the train this morning was almost out the door to the TTC entrance.

Dudes, is the coffee *that* great?

Considering a kiosk the size of a coffin can generate such a line-up, imagine if the company ever brought these (mocked up in the photo below by yours truly) to the financial district:

What song would be playing if Tim Hortons coffee trucks existed? Write your suggestions in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if grown men and women would run out of the office towers and chase the truck down as "Bad to the Bone" blared from the speakers?

Anonymous said...

I like to call the muffin place Stuttering Muffins. M-m-m-m-muffins. Is that wrong?

Denise said...


C.J. Smith said...

Denise? Is that a song?

Denise said...

Noooo. LIKE LIKE LIKE the idea of a Tim Horton's coffee truck. Wonder why this hasn't happened???

Denise said...

Cocaine, by Eric Clapton

C.J. Smith said...

"Cocaine" was actually an anti-drug song.

And there's none of it in Tim Hortons coffee.

The addiction stems from good old fashioned marketing and branding.

Personally, I don't like Tim Hortons coffee. It's often my last choice.
I like the blends sold at Second Cup myself.

Denise said...

Oh you fancy, uh?!!!

mcdonalds coffee surprisingly - and if you buy it early in the morning - is really good.

Anonymous said...

Frank Sinatra

Kaylaa Claudusz #Ajax said...

bob marley had a song called one cup of coffee. it's late 60s and it's total ska. would work well!!! youtube it.

terrible momma said...

Cheap Trick. "I want you to want me".

Anonymous said...

Tim Horton's coffee is the coffee of the working stiff.

Real coffee people drink Timothy's.

I wouldn't be surprised if the stuff being sold at Union, which was a Country Style rip-off before, was really the leftovers of the previous establishment!

Dan said...

A Tim Hortons truck would be a very dangerous thing, people would be running across the streets throwing caution to the winds with images of coffee cups dancing in their eyes. Heaven forbid the truck ever ran out of coffee! And of course, think of the traffic jams if it had a drive-thru window on one side.

I'm going to have to go with A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran.

Anonymous said...

Tim Hortons Coffee sucks!!
Tastes like blended up timbits and hot water. instantly gives me the shits, and their lids suck.

McDonalds has good coffee, as does probably most other places.

I'll drink a tims if someone buys me one, otherwise its not worth my time.

Anonymous said...

The song that should play is "it's a wonderful day in the neighorhood."

I like Timothy's coffe. But I'd drink Tim's if a truck came round my neighborhood on a Saturday morning.

Anonymous said...

I'd buy iced caps

Be nice to have a kiosk on the train!

Karen said...

Tim Hortons coffee has a powdery consistency. I don't get why people like it. I'll go without coffee rather than drink it. It's that awful to me. But to be honest, I make coffee at home. I'm not about to line up for a coffee, and drink it on the go. (The jugo juice is another story though)

Kills me when people call it "Tims" or "Timmies". On a personal level with a coffee place is kinda funny.

Anonymous said...

They already kind of have Tim Horton's trucks, but they don't drive around. I've seen them at stores they're renovating. They look like large trailers/portables.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought that it would be a good investment to own a timmies coffee truck...hire someone else to run it of course. Except to buy a Tim Hortons Franchise will cost you a cool million. Not worth the truck, but ppl would run down the street for their fix....move over dickie dee lmao. jus sayin