Monday, November 29, 2010

Guess who's baaaaack!!?


Seeing as I gain 6-9 new readers a week... Shocking right? No, really. That's about average... I'll have to reintroduce Anna to the new readers - all 18 of you since I last wrote about her. You can start here. Come back when you're done.

Anna sent me an email today. Allow me to share it with you.

From: Anna K.

Date: Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 10:18 AM
Subject: got my scarf back

Hello cj. I know you found me to be a pain and possibly quite vapid but I had my scarf finally returned to me. I was so attached to it because it was the first thing I bought myself when I got my job this year after nearly a year of being out of work. I bought it as a treat. I'm truly sorry I told you I wished you dead but I was frustrated and pissed off I left it on the train. I finally saw how you played out my saga and I laughed my ass off! I do sound like I'm missing a few screws but really I'm not! I appreciate all the help you did do by telling people about my scarf and that shoutout about it being found in a white bag wasn't mine. But I did go to RBC to look at it. It definitely wasn't a Michael Kors. I gave it some thought about what you said about donating it to someone more needy than me. At the time I lost my job I really thought I'd hit rock bottom but I still had my home and I still had money in the bank and a husband to support me. When I got my scarf back, I gave it to a homeless woman I see often lying on a grate at Bay and Adelaide. She can use it more than I can.



Anna K. said...

Thanks for publishing my email CJ!

Mike said...

You're a stand up gal! Nice to hear there's humanity left in the world!
I'm a victim of one of CJ's text message assaults myself. I'm the ghost guy. I'm glad you found your scarf and that you gave it to someone who needed it. I hope you have a merry christmas.

Jamie said...

time to organize a support group for CJ's victims......plz. I humbly suggest you brought it upon yourself, nay you begged for it.

Gary said...


Dude, you drew a map when she asked you for a photo. Like Jamie said, you asked for it.

Cindy said...

That was really sweet of you Anna!