Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wet spot

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One of the rudest things I've ever witnessed happened this morning when this woman got on the train at Georgetown and put her sopping wet umbrella on the seat beside her while she adjusted her coat and bags.
The seat was fabric and you could see how saturated it was getting. Then she picked up her umbrella, actually popped it open and closed it to smooth it out. When she popped it open, water splattered across the aisle and onto a few other seats.
This woman didn't have the courtesy to tell anyone who got on after her that the seat was wet and this man sat down and immediately jumped back up. This cow just sat there eating her muffin. Finally I spoke up and told him that a wet umbrella had been left there.
He made a look and said, "Well that was rude," and he went to sit somewhere else. I also got up and changed seats and as I left I looked over my shoulder and told this woman she better tell people, or at the very least lay down some newspaper. Honestly, how inconsiderate. - Helen

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C.J. Smith said...


Because I can't keep my mouth shut - sometimes - I would have told her she could lay down some newspaper like a bad puppy and sit in her own mess as punishment.

I've seen firsthand this level of not caring, not giving a shit, not my problem, not my house, etc ...

I'm glad you called her out on it.