Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I see dead people

Sent via text message to 9054420352

I've nicknamed the sender DP. My replies are in green.

DP: this the crazy train website?

are you looking for the person who writes it?

DP: yes, is that you?


DP: has anyone told u how the georgetown line is haunted?


DP: well it is

ok, you don't have to get defensive... how is it haunted? is it a "Ghosts on the Train" type of situation?

DP: there's a ghost of a small child that walks the track near the mount pleasant. i 've seen this figure myself

really? is mount pleasant a station on the georgetown line?

DP: yes... apparently it's the spirit of a boy who was hit by a train

how and when do you see it?

DP: i live in an old farmhouse in brampton on pleasant road. at night mostly.

ok, i don't really know the area

DP: i live right behind the station

do you take the train yourself?

DP: no, someone told me about you

who ?

DP: a co-worker who takes the train but she takes a different train

cool, so she recommended the site ?

DP: yes and i immediately wanted to tell u about the ghost

when you say immediately, did she tell you about the site and you immediately pulled out your phone to text me?

DP: um no it took a couple of days

i'd think it be more interesting if the ghost actually rode the train

DP: maybe it does

it probably leaves a hook on the door, too!

DP: um, probably ... i don't think so ...

you don't know that urban legend?

DP: not really. can we talk about my ghost?

i think it's a bad idea to make a haunting personal, you've seen poltergeist right? portal to hell and all that ...

DP: i don't think this is that kind of ghost

well what kind of ghost do you think it is? do you think it's a residual haunt?

DP: a what?

a residual haunt. i watch a lot of ghost hunters on OLN. when you see this ghost, does it do the same thing all the time?

DP: so you're saying you believe me?

i won't believe anything yet until i do my own investigation first

DP: so you want to come to my house!?

yes! absolutely.

no, just tell me what the ghost does when you see it

DP: i just see it walk along the tracks and then it disappears

so it doesn't look at you or do something different one day and then something else the other?

DP: not really

then it's a residual haunt. meaning the spirit is just playing back an event.

DP: you mean like being hit by a train?


DP: so there should be a ghost train?

(Long pause by me as I try to make sense of this question.)

i dunno, wait, let me ask velma, she knows everything

DP: whose velma?

she works with me here at mystery incorporated

DP: sorry, you lost me

fred, daphne, velma, shaggy we all work together especially when investigating a mystery

DP: are you talking about scooby doo?

how do you know my dog?

DP: it's a tv show

what is?

DP: scooby

no, scooby is my dog

DP: ok, scooby is your dog

(Another loooooooooooooooong pause. I actually thought I lost the person.)

DP: So are you telling me you're going to come here with the gang in the Mystery Machine?

Did you google that?

DP: No.

Dude, you didn't write for nearly 20 minutes ...

DP: so are you going to write about the georgetown ghost


DP: cool!

but only if you get me some footage of the georgetown ghost

DP: you mean like a photo?

no, i want you to draw me a picture

DP: ok. i can do that

(Obviously sarcasm is lost on some people.)

awesome then. email it to

Below is the drawing DP aka Mike sent over.

Be sure to make note of what he says about the boy and the time of day. Gold stars.

(Click the picture to enlarge the map in a new browser window).


Seb said...

This is way too funny. I just spent all day looking at people through a two way mirror (focus groups) and I knew I could get some entertainment here. Maybe we should all go to Mike's house to see the child ghost...

Mike said...

Ok, CJ, you're a pretty funny lady!

What I meant was that if the haunting is residual, this means that the boy was hit by a train around the time I usually see him, -- 2am. But I can't explain why I saw him on a Saturday and a Tuesday. I would think the haunting would be around the time he was killed. A neighbour who no longer lives near me used to see the same apparition and always well past midnight. Maybe it's more than one spirit? I'm not an expert in hauntings but I always thought, just from watching the Psychic Investigators, that a spirit will haunt a place --like a house -- not an open air area. Maybe someone else is an expert and can help out?

C.J. Smith said...

Hey Mike

Glad to see you have a good sense of humour!

It's my understanding that residual haunts don't follow a pattern but rather just play back an event.

Thanks for telling us about the Georgetown (really, it's Brampton based on your location) ghost.

Jenn Jilks said...

Now, folks. You can't always believe what you see on TV...oops, you can't always believe what you are texted...
I guess some people can!!!
You made my morning!

TomW said...

"the boy was hit by a train around the time I usually see him, -- 2am."
There are trains at Mount Pleasent at 2am??

Anonymous said...

Could have been a CN or CP freight train incident. Those tracks aren't just GO.

Anonymous said...

wow reading this back and forth banter gave me a headache.
So Mike you sound like an interesting guy (not really). But your story changes from where your co-worker has seen this apparition and then you’ve later investigated it. I guess you also confirmed it by stating your neighbor has seen it. Dude what the heck are you, your neighbor and co-worker ON? Is it ciga-weed, shrums, pills just wanted to find out what would drive 3 grown up adults to stare at the tracks at 2am. Inregards to the medical therapy hook it up….
I loved watching this movie called “My Cousin Vinny”. And for those of you wondering im not your cousin Guido. Oh wicked artistic skills with the map. I guess google maps was down for the day. But just curious to know how you guys saw the tracks past the vast nothingness, parking lot, tree, bushes…..(sounds like **Censored**)
Silent J.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Mike trespasses alot.