Friday, November 12, 2010

Has Anna's luck turned for the better?

From the T.O.Night Newspaper Shout Outs published November 11, 2010.

Wait ... What?!

You don't know who Anna is?!

You can read about her scarf drama here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).


Anonymous said...

The suspense has been killing me!

Will Anna be reunited with her beloved scarf?

Stay tuned for more Crazy Train after this break.

Cue commercial for Whitby Shores...

TomW said...

There are commercials for Whitby Shores? Is the entire neighbourhood for sale?

Anonymous said...

isn't the name of the new mental health hospital?

RBC Steve said...

I have your scarf. I can't tell if it's Michael Kors but it looks exactly like the one the cat is wearing in the picture.

TomW said...

Mental Health Hospitals can advertise here? That ranks as one of the odder things I've seen since moving to Canada.