Thursday, September 15, 2011

By Request and an Encore Presentation: The ballad of the purple scarf

Anna, who is now a friend (read), requested I repost this because of the Psst! Wanna buy a watch story. Enjoy

Sent via text message to 9054420352

Remember Anna? Oh, you're new here? My bad. Here's a link to the background on her. Have a read and then come back.

ANNA K.: hey


ANNA K.: Do you know who this is?

OMG. Santa?!

ANNA K.: It's Anna. I msg'd u a while ago about my scarf.

You must be disappointed

ANNA K.: Yah, no one turned in my scarf.

No, not about your scarf. About me still being alive

ANNA K.: Uh?

You said, and I quote, "I hope you die" when I told you I couldn't help you

ANNA K.: No I didn't

Dude, really? I can forward the whole conversation to you.
What do you want?

ANNA K.: I just wanted to tell you my scarf is still missing.

And I care because ...?

ANNA K.: Well since you have the website I wondering if you could make a message and let people know that I'm upset my scarf still hasn't been returned and if they could get it to lost and found

And why would I do that for you, Anna?

ANNA K.: Because I don't know what else to do!

Are you for real? Or are you just yanking my chain?

ANNA K.: I'm using the same phone, aren't I???

I suppose you are. I don't make it a point to memorize the number of every person who texts me or learn what make and model of phone they use.

ANNA K.: Can you help me? PLEASE???? Can I send a photo?

(Pause... by me as I digest how dense this woman is)

ANNA K.: Do I just email the picture?

Whatever you wanna do, Anna. I'm signing off now.

Anna sent me a link to a picture of the scarf. I have taken artistic liberty with it.

Below is what the scarf looks like as modeled by my Marmalade cat, Howard. Ignore the white yarn dangling in the left foreground, that's just his sleeping blanket hanging off a chair.

If you happen to know the whereabouts of Anna's scarf, or have it, please donate it to someone who truly needs it.


Kaylaa Claudusz #Ajax said...

Anna needs to spend more money on buying some intelligence and less money on materialistic designer clothes.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine scarfs are that expensive to replace...

Anonymous said...

don't they sell fake pashminas in the concourse at Union for $8?

Willy said...

Kaylaa, How did 'buying intelligence' work out for you? haha

Anonymous said...

I buy my intelligence at Costco. Amazing how much you can get at once!

lswgirl13 said...

I remember Anna . . . GEEZ, go buy a new scarf!!!
I don't get these lost and found idiots!
Reminds me of the woman on the shoutouts the other night bitching about her 2 daughters forgetting their ipods at a restaurant and then questions what's wrong with society when one of the ipods wasn't returned. This woman is a complete idiot. How about teaching your stupid daughters some responsibility??? When I was a kid if you lost something (usually a bike or it got stolen), it was gone. Mommy and Daddy didn't run out and buy you another or blame society!

Squiggles said...

Agreed! on both comments. Though with the ipod lady (I actually thought it was the Dad talking) I kept wondering how people have "Family Dinners" with people plugged in? Not allowed at our house growing up.

Oh, and Anna, dear. That scarf is long gone. Buy yourself another one - preferrably for less money - so when it's lost, your disappointment is not as bad.

Anna K said...

Ladies, do you not read?
Cj and I kissed and made up and I donated the scarf. Thanks.

C.J. Smith said...

Anna donated the scarf. It's all good guys.

Donna said...

@ LSWgirl! Dont you love it when they blame everyone else for their carelessnes? They actually posted my s/o regarding the ipods.

Glad to see I wasnt the only one who felt that way.

I think the scarf looks GREAT on the kitty!

Squiggles said...

Sorry, didn't read the one set of links at the beginning. I am blaming the cold.

Good to know things worked out.

lswgirl13 said...

Yes Anna, I read and remember that, but at the end of the day it's just a scarf. I lost a pair of leather gloves last year that I absolutely loved and weren't cheap. I checked the lost and found at Union and my station and nothing, gone, my fault, end of story.
Good girl Donna! I was gonna send in a shoutout too but just forgot. I think she wanted sympathy but none of the responses were on her side.