Monday, September 26, 2011

Pissin' on the Leafs Fans parade

I heard that on Friday night's LSE runs, all trains past 10:13 pm, GO had extra transit safety constables on board.


Lawd, let me tell you how much I dread hockey season on nights I work late. Leaf fans, those who drink and think the GO Train is the most exciting train ride ever, are the most annoying, ridiculous and rude people to commute home with. Only the ones who drink, tho. The rest of you aren't bad. A little loud but I just move coaches when the profanity becomes a little much.


lswgirl13 said...

And since the Leafs usually lose, the fans are more obnoxious than usual. YES, I hate the Leafs more than life itself.

Anonymous said...

Why win or try to when your fans are blindingly loyal? It's like in the business world: why improve your product when people will just keep buying it anyway?

It's worked for 40 years :)