Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dirty Turnip Rider. Hum with me ... Da-da...Da-da ...Da-da-da-da-Da-da-da-da-Da-DA-DA-DA!

According to my on-train LSW correspondent Mister M., this turnip was molesting the asses of people getting off the train with his bare foot.

You know what this photo needs?

No, not fire.

Nope, not a chainsaw (I totally missed that opportunity with this post) Dammit!

It needs this.

A shapeshifter. Form of a ...

Reminds me of this Family Guy bit:


Squiggles said...

Video: Too Funny! I may need to start watching Family Guy again. Found that they jumped the shark (haha) when they came back.

As for this yahoo. eeewwww. Please tell me that the ass feeling was by mistake with his foot flailing around and not reaching over and grabbing rear ends.

Shirker said...

If these people act like this in public, imagine what they're like at home where they can get really comfortable! This guy probably sits on his sofa ass neked.

All these foot riders must be wearing me down because my first thought was "Oh at least his foot looks somewhat clean".

Anon2 said...

@ Shirker: I am perfectly polite on the train, I only take up my one seat.

And I sit at home naked or just in my unmentionables some days (not winter, too cold). You really can't use that as a way to ridicule someone.

DOnna said...

sure I can ridicule someone for being so damn lazy that they cant throw on a pair of boxers or some shorts.

Yup, see there, I did it.

Anonymous said...

ROTFL at Shirker
I was thinking the same thing!!!

Anon2 said...

ok, maybe ridicule is the wrong word. But, I ask you to not paint all of us that enjoy bare skin with the same brush.

I mean, there is what Donna mentioned with the laziness, and then there is the sleeping in the buff then wandering around the house sans clothing for the morning. But then, if I lived with someone, then the clothes-free days would be far, far away.

lswgirl13 said...

Who cares if you walk around naked in the privacy of your own home? It has nothing to do with being too lazy to put something on.

Anon2 said...

That was the point I was trying to make, but people are getting confused on the distinction between being au natural and being too lazy to put on clothes.

Along the same lines to demonstrate laziness that is associated with the lounging on the train, think of how these people treat public bathrooms. Probably a better analogy.