Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moses, let people off the train!

You Oshawa door donkeys are outta control. People exiting at Whitby shouldn't have to ask you to move and because of this "me first off the train" ape way of thinking, this man who tried to get off the train is now riding to Oshawa.
I can tell he's pissed.
It's well after six o'clock so I don't know why you assholes have to line up like there's no tomorrow seeing as most daycares have a 6pm cut-off. Just be respectful there are stations before yours.


Walt said...

Social science question: I get the feeling that there are more woman door donkeys than men. Am I wrong?

Also, do we have a term yet for the people that line up waiting for the door to open before boarding at Union? That have to have that spot?

santa said...

for sure it's more women than men. men don't give a shit about being first to the car and first to line up at the stop sign

Dan-1 said...

Just like the TTC: you're about to get off a subway, the doors open, and everyone is standing in front wanting to get in before you get off.

I'm not Moses, I can't part the red sea of passengers.

kary said...

I see plenty of men on the LSE leave their seats and stake their place in front of the doors 2 stops before Oshawa, then run to their car. Actually there a few very large men on the LSE who I swear would trample their own mother to get out that door. You know who you are.

C.J. Smith said...

Dan, in light of your last comment, I have edited my headline.

C.J. Smith said...


ZVanessa said...

He must be new because I was on that same train. He lined up behind the other people and you could see he was waiting patiently for the line to move when the doors opened. It's ridiculous that the guy sitting had to ask him if he wanted to get off and then point out the assclowns were in line to stampede off at Oshawa. He almost made it too if it wasn't for the three blondes who ALWAYS stand in the doorway. Jackasses. I felt really bad for him. It's not like these trains come every 3 to 4 minutes.

Donna said...

ya those Oshawa door donkeys drive me nuts too. and the stair donkeys are just as bad. I still make a habit of knocking them inthe head when I walk past them.

Cecily R. said...

Jesus Christ! Listen to you people. Aww too bad so sad some guy missed his stop. There are other doors! Why didn't he just turn around.

I like to be ready to get off the train to avoid the 20 minutes it takes to get out of the Oshawa lot. Maybe the rest of you don't have families to get home to but some of us do.

And banging people on the head? That's real mature! That will also get you arrested.

Maybe if Oshawa would build a platform on the parking lot side with numerous ways out, then some of us might actually stay seated.

There are 2 sides to every story. Some of you are just indignant.

C.J. Smith said...

With all due respect Cecily, in the almost 4 years that I've been patronizing the Oshawa GO station, it has never taken me more than 8 minutes to exit that lot. I've done it under 5 minutes some nights when departing an Express train.

I'm usually the last one to my car and as I walk, I usually observe you stampeders as you idle in line, wasting gas. Seems like a lot of effort to get nowhere fast.

The stampeders are also the ones who race out of the lot. Hitting 50 kph in a parking aisle with pedestrians crossing between rows of cars is stupid, risky and a criminal charge (dangerous driving causing bodily harm or death) just waiting to happen.

Dan-1 said...

Is it right to prevent or inhibit someone from getting off the train at their stop just because you want to make it out of the parking lot 1 or 3 stations down the line early? Sounds kinda selfish to me. "Who cares if someone misses their stop as long as *I* get home early!"

Despite manners not costing a cent, many riders simply don't have them.

Anonymous said...

Cecily needs to find SiddiqiRs4 so he can give her a nice rubdown.

Skin Man said...

I don't think Cecily is truly that stupid. I suspect its more of a case of trollers gotta troll.

Squiggles said...

Personally, I think Cecily is JoJo. Another "Me First" in a society where everyone just wants to get home on time.

For all you know, this was the gentleman's first trip home on the GO and he didn't realise what goes on with the doors.

I have been lucky enough to push my way through those people (I am a big girl). But I have also seen some more considerate donkeys who actually get OFF the train at Ajax, let people through the doors, then get back on.

So Cecily, your two-side of every story, doesn't hold water in this instance. Grow up, realise that getting home 5 mins. later is NOT the end of the world and be considerate of your other commuters.

Night Nurse very late said...

Hitting someone on the head as you pass intentionally is actually an assault.

(IGNORE SP MISTAKES BELOW - can't scoll down on this iPhone to fix)

DoorDonkeys should be fined. There must be a clause in the Go rules about interfering with other patrons entrance and exits.

Having varied opinions does not necessitate a rub down - a massage at any time would be a nice luxury.

We should start a petition to GO to improve conditios at Oshawa. They need to reconfigure the platforms so that there are several exits to the parking and several light controlled acts to blood street. The conditions there are part of the systemic problem that breeds door donkeys.

It can and does take 20 mins to get out of the Oshawa lot around the 5 pm + arrivals. I meander to my car and end up near the end of the line (and the line up is still there from the train that arrived 12 mins earlier)

I have to cheat by going west entering th 401 from Thickson and breathe a sigh of relief as I pass all the others waiting to turn east to exit at Stephenson.

I thought my 5 min wait to get out of the Rouge Hill was too much. Boy was I wrong.

My Husband thinks it is just a class issue and that it is generally lower in Oshawa. I disagree. It is the Oshawa Go station set up that can bring out the door donkey behavior

Does anyone have a link to a free petition web site??

Cecily R. said...

I am not a troll. Thank you. Some of you are really rude. Those of us who wait by the doors know that Oshawa is a bad station for its design and we know that it contributes to adding 20 to 30 extra minutes to our commute home just to get out of the lot. At least Nurse gets it.

Anonymous said...

@Cecily...yes Nurse gets it 100%. Did you notice she also said:

"DoorDonkeys should be fined. There must be a clause in the Go rules about interfering with other patrons entrance and exits."

B/c of inconsiderate people like you, somebody missed their stop, and you have the nerve to say big friggen deal??? You cost him probably an hour, so that you could save yourself 10 minutes. No, you aren't selfish at all.

All you had to do was step off the train and to the side, then when everybody is off, you get back on and you will still have your "precious little spot". Although, based on your prior comments, that is probably too difficult a task for you to grasp.

FRED said...

How did this become about you and your petty inconveniences and not about the fact that your and others'selfish practice caused another passenger to miss his stop and thus, spend another 30 minutes or so getting home?

Tool. You is.

Cecily R. said...

Excuse me, you idiots, but I wasn't on that train and am not to blame for the Whitby guy not knowing to use another door. Get a life you people!

Squiggles said...

Wow Cecily, anger issues much?

Sure, we believe you in this particular instance, but your behaviour and your inability to see how it affects those around you is rude, inconsiderate, belligerant and down-right disgraceful.

We do not need to get a life, you need to GROW UP and realise that you are NOT the centre of the universe.

By this outburst, I believe that you lost your case, know it and our opinion of you has been lowered.

Anonymous said...

@cecily Nobody said you were on that train. However, you did choose to defend the people that caused this poor guy to miss his stop so they could save 10 minutes.

I find it hilarious that you call us ignorant for being respectful of other people.......

lswgirl13 said...

@Cecily - What other door was the guy gonna suddenly run to? Not like the train sits there for 5 minutes so you are given the option of finding an "open spot" to exit!
Many of the stations were poorly designed because they were built MANY YEARS AGO with hardly any room for expansion back when train commuters were the minority. It still boggles my mind that people commute from Barrie and Port Hope!
Sorry Cecily but if you commute from Oshawa or Timbuktu, that 20 minutes it takes you to get out of the parking lot is just part of your commute time, SUCK IT UP!!! When I worked closer to home it took me on average about 30 minutes (to do that trip at 10:00at night, 10 minutes tops). There's a reason why it's called RUSH HOUR!
I laugh at the donkey's, they look like assholes and they get home 5 minutes sooner than me. Big whoop.

Anonymous said...

Cecily sounds like the kind of people who crowd near the rear of elevators preferring the corners like flies in a window and then get pissed off when people don't move or step out to let her off. You know these people. First on the elevator but go apeshit when they have to plow their way off.

Aitch said...

Ugh these self-important jerks are the worst! "I don't care who I plow through or run over, I'll be damned if I'm getting home at 6:12 instead of 6:04!". Give your head a shake, idiots.

Breathe said...

Have we exhausted that topic??

Let's breathe and calm down our amygdala's

Anonymous said...

Lol@ banging in the head and getting arrested. That's like getting arrested for running over someone who was lying in the middle of the highway.

If these fat assed stair people didn't take up so much room on the stairs it wouldn't happen :) seats are for sitting in. Stars are not. When the train stops get your ass off the stairs and let people go by.